I bet that just like me you've heard about audible for a long time and though more than once about subscribing. But subscriptions are adding up and at the time (having only 1 and a half revenue for the both of us) I wasn't ready to pay the price.

I don't exactly remember how, but I found out I could get (almost) as much audiobooks as I wanted for no fee at all. Yes, completely free. When you think about it, it makes sense, because it's a library subscription. Obviously you don't own your books, which is fine by me, since most of the books I've been reading I'll probably won't read again anyway.

How does it work? I subscribed to the BANQ, Bibliotheque et Archives National du Québec and downloaded the Overdrive app. I know lots of other library do offer the same service, so if you don't live in Quebec you'll probably have a little research to do (you can also search directly in the app).

It work like you traditional library would. You have a number of days to read the book and to return it, but you don't have to drive there, just click a button. For the new and most popular books you'll have a wait list, but in my experience I barely ever waited longer than a week to have access to a book (except for the Harry Potter books, these are taking forever). You'll also see how many people are ahead of you.

I think it's a great option if you, like me, are on a budget. Sure, you won't always get the book you want when you want it. And you don't own the book either. But on the other hand, it's free, and that's what I'm all about.

With physical books, I'm an extremely slow reader. I will actually forget I'm reading a book and go weeks without touching it. In a normal year I might ready 2 to 5 books. That's not a lot. How many books would you guess I've read last year? Over 30 books.

Here are some of them :
Dark Matter by Blake Croush
The Girl Before by Marie Rutkoski
The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
Harry Potter books 1 and 2 by J. K. Rolling
Yes, Please by Amy Poehler
Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

The app history doesn't go further back because I changed phone 🤷‍♀️

I hope I helped some of you with this post and happy listening!
If you're following me on Instagram you've probably seen many photos of our new apartment. I say new, but we've moved in July so I guess it's not that new anymore... My favorite room, and the one I post the most photos of, is definitely the living room.

One disclaimer before I get any further in this post: As you'll see in some photos my place is kinda messy. I know I have a lot of stuff and I definitely need to KonMari my place a little but I've been wanting to do that type of room tour post for years (even in previous apartments) but keep pushing back because it never looks perfect enough, never tidy enough or whatever. No more. This is how my place looks. I love my apartment. It's not perfect, I still have to work on it but that's okay.

The building dates from the 1930's and there's a lot of original features: the floors, the moldings, the wooden doors and door frames... I love all of it!

I still haven't decorated much. So far there's frames above the TV and the one in the stairs (not so sure of that one). All the other walls are bare but I kind like it, to me it looks very clear and minimal. I'm planning to add a little more, but I definitely won't go crazy with it. The one place I feel is really missing something is the wall above the couch but I still don't know what it needs.

I'll try to do some updates when I finally install the shelves next to the window or when I find something to go above the couch. Talking of that wall, do you have any ideas? I'm a bit lost to be honest, I have no idea what to do with it...

Sooooo... I recorded a video and posted it on YouTube.

*Don't know what else to say*

*Too anxious to think of anything*


ugh... Here it is! Watch it and don't leave mean comments?


I love to make spring rolls with whatever is leftover in my fridge. I think most of the time it end up looking more appealing than a simple sandwich and it's just as easy to make.

Even if I like the classic roll, one thing I love to add in it is cheese. I know, weird, but cheese is good in everything! And while I’m at it, if I add cheese, why wouldn't I add more non-traditional element to it? That's what I tried to do here. I had a bunch of ideas for it (like a nachos filled spring roll. Wouldn’t that be great?). But I opted for something with bacon in it. For obvious reasons. So here's my BLT spring roll recipe!

What you'll need:
  • Rice sheets
  • Cheese cheddar
  • Bacon
  • Lettuce

  1. Soak the rice sheet in water to soften them and place them on your working station.
  2. Place the rest of the ingredients on the sheets.
  3. Fold the two ends of the sheet on the filling.
  4. Take the unfolded side of the sheet closest to you and roll it over until it's tightly closed.

It's probably not secret by now that I love thrifting. I don't remember the last time I went to a "normal" store to shop for fun.

I usually go to thrift stores with an open mind and pretty much just grab everything. So it's no surprise that my closet is now overflowing, therefore I need to cut down on the shopping. (Or get a bigger closet? Yes? Cool! Seems logical.)

I decided to make a list of things I need want. At first glance these seams to be items that would be pretty easy to find but that exactly when you think this that you can't find said items.

1 oversized jeans jacket

I do already have a jean jacket, but it's not oversized. It's actually on the small side and I can't fit any thick shirts/sweaters underneath.

2 Chambray shirt

I find button down to be a little tricky. My upper arm is on the bigger side and tend not to fit shirts that would otherwise be the right size. I need to keep on looking.

3 Band tee / graphic tee

They're pretty trendy right now but I don't want to get it from a band I don't know/don't like. I did get a Nirvana one a while back and it's nice, but it doesn't look vintage enough for my taste.

4 checkered pants

I see these everywhere online! But I can't find the right fit anywhere... The ones I find usually have wider legs then these trendy ones. I did buy a pair that I want to modify to make them look right, but I don't have a sewing machine yet.

5 suede skirt with buttons

This one I have little hope I will ever find because it's so specific but one can always dream.

What's on your "to buy" list?

Hello again! I’m here today for a short post that doesn’t involve too much text. Because sometimes I feel more like creating the things rather than talk about it 🤷‍♀️

I have a new set of 10 phone wallpaper for you. This time, it’s all centered around a wintery theme. Here’s the thing: I don’t like winter. I hate the cold. But there’s a lot of pretty winter photos so I embraced it a little (but not too much, I’m still grumpy about it) and made something pretty with it.

Photos are from Pexel, quotes are from around the web.

Send me a screenshot of your phone if you end up using one of those and have a great winter! (As much as humanly possible)

As I’m writing these line my closet is a complete mess. When we moved to our new apartment I haven’t realized how the closet was way smaller than the one I had in the old apartment. Everything else in our new place has more storage place, but closet space is definitely challenging. I created a brand new closet area in our bedroom but it is yet to be organized. I’ll probably do a whole post about this DIY closet in the near future but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.

Lately I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone with my style. It’s been challenging because of the whole closet situation, it’s just hard to see what I have when everything is just piled up on top the the dresser 🤷

I bought that cheetah print skirt a few weeks back and it just seemed like the perfect piece to get out of that dreaded comfort zone. I got it from Renaissance, a chaine of thrift stores in the Montréal area and I paid it 7,50$. I love Renaissance because they have fix pricing for different categories of clothes and it tends to be cheaper than other stores I visit.

The Nirvana shirt was also bought from Renaissance but is originally from H&M. I paid it 5,50$. The leather jacket I bought a long time ago in the Smart Set liquidation sales before they closed and if I remember correctly it was around 30$. I’m not sure where my scarf came from but I had it for a while. Shoes are from Nike liquidation store a few years ago. It was around 35$. My glasses are from Zenni Optical for 19$ and are still on their website.

I’m still getting used to taking outfit pictures and to be honest it is very challenging! (Thanks to my friend Linda for taking the photos!) I’m sure I’ll get more comfortable over time but in the meantime if you’d have any tips for me it would be greatly appreciated!