Hello again! I’m here today for a short post that doesn’t involve too much text. Because sometimes I feel more like creating the things rather than talk about it 🤷‍♀️

I have a new set of 10 phone wallpaper for you. This time, it’s all centered around a wintery theme. Here’s the thing: I don’t like winter. I hate the cold. But there’s a lot of pretty winter photos so I embraced it a little (but not too much, I’m still grumpy about it) and made something pretty with it.

Photos are from Pexel, quotes are from around the web.

Send me a screenshot of your phone if you end up using one of those and have a great winter! (As much as humanly possible)

As I’m writing these line my closet is a complete mess. When we moved to our new apartment I haven’t realized how the closet was way smaller than the one I had in the old apartment. Everything else in our new place has more storage place, but closet space is definitely challenging. I created a brand new closet area in our bedroom but it is yet to be organized. I’ll probably do a whole post about this DIY closet in the near future but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.

Lately I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone with my style. It’s been challenging because of the whole closet situation, it’s just hard to see what I have when everything is just piled up on top the the dresser 🤷

I bought that cheetah print skirt a few weeks back and it just seemed like the perfect piece to get out of that dreaded comfort zone. I got it from Renaissance, a chaine of thrift stores in the Montréal area and I paid it 7,50$. I love Renaissance because they have fix pricing for different categories of clothes and it tends to be cheaper than other stores I visit.

The Nirvana shirt was also bought from Renaissance but is originally from H&M. I paid it 5,50$. The leather jacket I bought a long time ago in the Smart Set liquidation sales before they closed and if I remember correctly it was around 30$. I’m not sure where my scarf came from but I had it for a while. Shoes are from Nike liquidation store a few years ago. It was around 35$. My glasses are from Zenni Optical for 19$ and are still on their website.

I’m still getting used to taking outfit pictures and to be honest it is very challenging! (Thanks to my friend Linda for taking the photos!) I’m sure I’ll get more comfortable over time but in the meantime if you’d have any tips for me it would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve never been really good at sticking to new year resolutions. Now that I think about it I’ve never even been good at MAKING new year resolutions. I guess I’ve never seen the point since every time I would hear people talk about their resolutions it was usually followed by how they’ll probably stick to it for two week and then give up. So what’s the point really?

But here’s the thing : for the whole of 2018 I’ve been a mess, my life was all over the place and I’ve been having a hard time getting motivated. Nothing really bad happened, I was just in a weird head space. Now I need a change.

And yeah, the beginning of the year seems like a new start and would be the perfect time to do all the changes, right? But here’s my problem with January : it’s the middle of winter. You don’t see the problem in that? First, it’s cold and when it’s cold I want to stay home under my blankets, binge on any Netflix show, drink hot chocolate and eat junk. Not a good start for that ‘’ I’ll go to the gym and eat healthy’’ resolution, uh? I know it’s not meant to be easy and all, but spring seem to me like it would be a way better time to start working out. Maybe it doesn’t make sense, I don’t know. Also I don’t see the sun at all in January, leaving home as the sun rises and coming back after the sun went down and working in a windowless office, and that’s enough to make me give up on anything I thought I would achieve.

I’m being pessimistic? Yeah, probably. But I also know myself and I know I always have a hard time in winter. January and February are the absolute worst.

Okay, okay, all that wasn’t the whole point of this post. I actually wanted to write something that was going to be somewhat positive and motivational and that’s where I’m going if you’ll just keep reading a little.

A few weeks back I came across a blog post (I wish I could link to it, but I didn’t take note of it) and the girl was saying how she decided not to take a new year resolution for 2017, but to set a new goal every month instead. That was such a revelation for me. See, I always want to do a million thing but become overwhelmed really fast even by my own thought and ideas. Setting one monthly goal and focusing only on that one thing for the month seems like a simple fix to my multitasking brain.

There’s a few things I want to work on (and by a few I mean about 7 598 things). I want to be more healthy, I want to spend more time on things that makes me happy in the long run, I want to waste less time…

I haven’t decided what goals I’m going to set every single months yet but I already have some ideas.

One things I’d like to do is to be able run and enjoy it. I want to see, starting from zero, how long I could run for after a whole month of practicing every day. That’s definitely one goal I won’t work on right away, because, ya know… winter… I’ll do it somewhere in the spring so I have no excuses of the weather being too cold or too warm to workout.

I also want to go a full month without watching any TV. No Netflix, no Amazon Prime. Not even YouTube videos will be aloud. Watching TV is my biggest time waster. I LOVE watching series. I love it too much. I know we all like binging on some Netflix from time to time but for me it’s definitely becoming problematic. I always feel like I have no time to work on projects that make me feel accomplished but deep down I know I would have had time to write that one blog post or to work on a new design project for my portfolio if only I had not watched that one extra episode. This might double up as a reading month too.

For January, Joey and I have decided to set the same goal : No process food. We both love cooking but end up buying frozen pizza once or twice a week because it’s easy and fast. BUT IT’S SO BAD FOR YOU! I guess there’s no harm in having it once in a while, but now it’s just too much. I also want to cut down on gluten to see if that’s what I’m reacting badly to. Over the holiday I’ve cook with my mom and I’ll bring back a few things to keep in the freezer to give us a chance on those really busy day but otherwise everything will be made by us.

With this one goal a month goal idea I am hoping to prove to myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to. It’s not as easy to give up if you can count the day until the month is done. With some of these goals I also want to create habits that will stick with me in the following months and years to come.

I wish I can enjoy running at the end of that spring month enough to stick with it. I know after that I won’t be running everyday, but if I can only want to do it once a week that would be a total win. Except for January, I’m not getting out if I don't’ absolutely have to… Maybe ‘’learn to enjoy winter’’ should be one of my goals. Or maybe I’ll keep it for next year.

I might touch base later this year and keep you updated on which goals I achieved, or the ones I cheated on. I hope this inspired some of you to be kinder to yourself on your resolutions setting for the next year. One month is not such a long time...

What are your resolution(s) for 2019?

Hello Hello!

I don't know if you knew that about me, but I've been a graphic designer for the last... 10 years? Wow, that's a long time. I started design school when I was 19 years old and I've just turned 29.

I was thinking I should share my expertise one way or an other. I'm starting with a few freebies! Here's a collection of summer related phone wallpaper.

It finally happened! I moved in a place I LOVE after spending four long long years in a way too small apartment that made me miserable. Both me and my boyfriend came to a point where we hated that place so, so much. But it's behind us now, so I won't dwell on it and I'll just rave about our new space.

We moved in a little over a moth ago now and even if there is more work to be done in here, I already love this place so much. We need to do some painting too, eventually, but I'm not in a rush.

We finally have a functional kitchen with normal hight counter! (I know, sounds silly to most of you, but the counters were so low and shitty in the old place).

We have a small backyard where we can enjoy summer. We already planted some flowers, a cucumber plant and a hot pepper plant (can't wait to eat our own veggies!) and some herbs.

The apartment itself in on two levels. Upstairs, on street level, we have the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Downstairs, in the basement, we have the bedroom, laundry room and storage space. Yes, we have a proper laundry room and it's amazing.

Upstairs the ceilings are high and it really makes the rooms look bigger. Downstairs it stays cool during the summer so it's easy to sleep in, even in the heatwave we had at the beginning of the month.

I haven't even really started to think about how I'm going to decorate the space. Okay, that's a lie, I did think about it, but I haven't come to any decision yet. I've thought about having a gallery wall where the stairs are and maybe in the hallway. I don't know what it will look like or what kind of art I want to incorporate in the room. But, first of all, I think we need to clear out the mess before I start decorating. I also bought an online interior design course, so I want to do that before I take any decisions.

I'll keep updating you on how the space progresses over the next months, both here and on Instagram. I was thinking of filming an apartment tour as well, let me know if it's something you would be interested in!

Last month Isa Professional was nice enough to send me a brand new flat iron and I was super excited about it because mine was getting a bit old and is not as versatile as I'd wish it to be.

This one is pretty slim and has rounded edges, which makes it perfect to use to straighten, curl or wave my hair. I've been using it as much as I could in the last month (meaning not as much as I wish I had, but it's the middle of summer and my bathroom gets hot really fast).

I've been loving to wave my hair with this straightener and to make a simple hair twist to take my hair out of my face. Closing it with a pretty hair accessory is always a plus too, this hair clip is from Dollarama.

Writing a hair tutorial without being able to show the steps sound super complicated to me so I'll just link to video tutorials I found on Youtube to create the look. Here and here.

I hope this is giving you a few ideas on hair styling. I'm trying to expand my hairstyles to more than loose or ponytail and this has definitely become my favorite!

Do you love Etsy? I could just brown the site for hours without ever being bored. There is just so much to see, so much people with so much talent. Today I thought I could start a new series of post where I share the love and talk about products I found on Etsy, because all those small business owner deserve to be talked about!

Since it's the middle of summer right now, I'm starting with a tropical theme in mind. Also, because palm leaves are so trendy and I really like them. Do I need a better reason? No, I don't think so either.

  1. Tropical Palm Art Printable by Gendots (Yup, that’s me!)
  2. Tropical Mug by MySweetMugs
  3. Aloha Letter Balloons by WildernessSupply
  4. Pom Pom Pillow Cover by InkAndLinenCo
  5. Tropical Pillow by wfrancisdesign
  6. Aloha Vinyl Stikers by beebeacheydesigns
  7. Palm Leaf Necklace by SweetNovemberJewelry
  8. Palm Leaves Lampshade by MyBeachsideStyle
  9. Flamingo Print by DamaDigitalDesign
  10. Tropical Botanical Washi Tape by EllaElizabethShop
*All photos in this post are propriety of Easy Shops owners