August in pictures

What have I done this month?

1- I’m thinking about opening an Etsy store (I actually just created the account yesterday) to finally sale jewellery I’ve been creating for the past years. I’ll keep you updated on it, I pretty mush need to take pictures and put it online, I can’t wait to do my first sale!

2- Some DIY project I did the last month, I’m happy with the result, even if I’m still not really good at spray painting. Anyone else have a hard time with spray paint?

Getting ready for this year beer fest!

Now, being ready for beer fest. I didn’t really get to take any picture over there, except this accidental one when I was answering my phone, so here are my purse with some random strangers legs, and beer, of course.

Me and the cats, taking naps.

1- Friends asked me to take care of their cats when they went on vacation. That time, I went to their house a little late. Compared to where I live, that street is dark and there is no one outside, honestly, I was a little creeped out. On the street there is this kind of castle (which I think is in fact a mortuary home) and you can’t see it there on the picture, but the moon was shining right on top of it, it seemed like it was right out of an old horror movie!

2- Obviously, it’s a picture of my blog. But I’m just happy I really started taking time to create it this month J


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