Easy DIY Bracelet

I love myself a good DIY from time to time. Actually, I used to create a lot of jewelry in my days. I don't do it much anymore (lack of space mainly) but that day I just felt like making a bracelet. So why not take you with me and make it a blog post?

What you will need :
Colorful twine
Color matching thread
One big bead

I started by measuring the length of twine I would need, twice. Then I attached the end of the two twine on a large, button like, bead that will be part of the closing system.

Then, with the needle and thread, I started sewing a few centimeters from there. The first stitch is normal, but for the second one, I added a bead between the two twines. Repeat the second stitch for as long as necessary, then do a normal stitch again. Keep the same space at the end of the beads as you left at the beginning.

At the end of your twine, tie them both together so it will make a loop big enough for your first big bead to pass through.

Cut the exes twine and thread and you're done!

That was my first “step by step” DIY post. Making DIY blog post is harder than it looks, really. I feel like I'm bad at explaining things, and the pictures does not show the whole process. But hopefully I'll get better at it!

It's nice to talk about something different from time to time, I hope you liked it!


  1. Those look super cute! Definitely a DIY I'd consider- great post! Angie

  2. I love the idea. Great to make it very you with the charms to choose
    thanks for linking at the best of the blogosphere!