You’re nearing your 30’s and contrary to everything you though in your teens you’re 1. not that old, 2. don’t have a house, husband, dog and 2.5 kids and 3. you don’t have ANYTHING FIGURED OUT!?

Well, my friend, you’re not alone. Not only don’t I have a clue what I’m doing but I don’t think anyone really does!

At this point in my life the one thing I thought I would have was a reasonable amount of money. MONEY. You know what? I have a full time job, so does my boyfriend and I still feel like we’re living on a student budget! How did that happened?

Everything is expensive. Everything pretty is super expensive.

I can’t afford to go out to the mall and buy the three pairs of jeans I desperately need, not without budgeting and cutting a few expenses first.

And that’s what this blog is here for. No, I’m not lending you money so you can buy that trendy cheetah print skirt you’ve been seeing all over Pinterest. I’m here to show you you don’t have to spend 60$ on these trending marble coaster because there’s ways to work around your budget and get pieces that will make everyone think you’re the most stylish person around.

Hi! I’m Geneviève, DIY enthusiast, thrift shopper extraordinaire and all around money saver.

Here you’ll find fashion and home decor inspiration, easy DIYs, a few healthy recipes and the occasional millennial rant. If you love any of these, you’ll feel right at home here!

But I don‘t want you to get the wrong idea, just like you I am still just trying to figure it out. I failed at many DIYs and I’ve definitely thrifted my fair share of clothes that ended up not working out, at all. But I’ve been called a “Thrifting Queen” a few times and I feel like that gives me some credit.

I started this blog back in 2013, it had a lot of ups and downs and at first I was mostly talking about beauty and makeup. Later on I realized that subject just wasn’t for me. I do still enjoy reading about it but I just couldn't keep up with all the new launches and in the end it was an expensive hobby. And by now you probably know expensive is just not my thing. So I recentered and came up with something that I’m really passionate about: Finding inexpensive options to the expensive world out there!

Now, who am I exactly? I’m a full time graphic designer who’s trying to make the switch to a freelance career. That damned 9 to 5, am I right?

I grew up in a small town and moved a few times until I ended up in Montréal a few years ago with my boyfriend, Joey and our two cats, Astrid and Augustus.

I love good food, trying new gins, true crime podcasts and I have an addiction to thrift shopping.

If you enjoy what you see here, you’ll love the Instagram page too!

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