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So, I got a job. Big deal here, since I’ve been looking for a job in my field since may. It took a long time, but in the end everything is where it is suppose to be. As I write these lines, payday is just a day away, and I can’t wait to… not have 50$ left in both my bank account and my credit card. Can’t believe that one stress will finally be over! To be honest, since I started working (a week and a half ago) my credit card been quite busy. I knew I had a pay coming, so I haven’t been as strict with my budget as I’ve been for the last months. I had a few meals with friends and I went shopping a little. It all have been a relive in both my monetary and mentally health, if I can say it like that.

So here is some pictures of what I’ve done this moth. I also include November first as part as October, because this is when our Halloween party have been. (Or will be. I’m writing ahead)

I went to the shopping center with my boyfriend because there was something that needed to be changed with our modem, and since we were there, we did a little Halloween shopping at the dollar store. We went home and I put everything on the freezer. (why the freezer? Well, sometime I use it as a shelve, just to put things on there that I don’t know where else to place) And then, of course, if there is plastic bags or anything that looks like it, my cat Astrid go right in there and chew on it… So many things cats do that I don’t get…

A Thursday after work I when to a big thrift store with one of my friend. We had lots of fun, since there’s a lot of crap to laugh about in there. Finally I ended up with these two lovely things right there. I haven’t use them yet, and to be honest, I don’t know where to use it, I just liked the way they looked.

After that, we went to eat sushi! And I got a bit over my head there. My plate is actually the one on the back, and I was soooo full at the end of it. But it was soooo good, I want to go back, like right know. I was starving before I started writing about this picture, and I’m even more now!!

Just… weird things happening.

Weird things can also be seen on the walls of the underground tunnels at the local University. I passed there because I was going from work to the shopping center (because Target FINALLY opened), and it was cold outside, and it is the shortest way. But I think I got lost… or did I? I’m not even sure, but I didn’t end up where I thought I would. There was also a portion of it where the tunnel was basically a big plastic pipe, the ones that are corrugated. And there, I swear I wasn’t on any kind of drug, or anything, but oh lord, big big bad trip on my part. It just did’t felt right, like it was closing on me, like I was having a panic attack. Wasn’t fun, wasn’t fun at all.
Also, I just realised John Lennon hand’s are in his pants…

Sunday night, blogging. The boyfriend was out for the night. I napped almost all afternoon. I guess I needed sleep! My weekend was so busy, I think it was the only moment I had to really just do something I wanted to do.

Too much Starbuck this month. I probably went there more in the last month then in the last year… But the salted caramel moka is so good, I couldn’t resist.

This is actually November first, but since it was our Halloween party that night, I include it in October. And what is better for Halloween than having a big spider in your office window?

That day I didn’t bring a lunch, so I went out. I don’t think I could have eaten with the spider there looking at me, anyway. So that was my second sushi of the month, and I texted it to my boyfriend, just because it would make him jealous. So we ended up eating sushi for dinner too. Never. Enough. Sushi. Never!

My costume. It don’t even look like it, but I was in a 40’s-50’s “costume”.

The cats also had their costume, even if they didn’t really enjoyed it!


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