October favorites

Here we go for October favorites!

I’ve been loving my new beanie. I bought it in September, but only started wearing it in late October, since it’s been quite warm until then. It’s comfortable and warm and plum.

I’ve been wearing this cream eye shadow pencil (on the right) half the month. It wasn’t that much about how it looks, but more about the fact that it is easy and quick to apply. It is perfect for busy morning, like I had in the last two weeks.

Earlier in September I order this ring on Etsy. I wanted to know more about how Etsy was working, so I thought I’d give it a go. Plus I wanted a ring like that for a while. So I found one for about 7$. It’s not the best quality, but it looks good.

This is my most worn blush/bronzer of the last two moths. It’s quick to apply and never looks too much. Only down side, I can only use it with the brush it come with, all my other brushes seems to be too soft to pick the product up.

On the second picture, it is Lush Superbalm, which I never heard about until I went to the store this month. I fond it and thought it would be good since winter is coming (yes, I was going to say “winter is close” but I just couldn’t resist). It is doing a good job and I even tried it on my face a couple night and I liked the result.

I think I bought this perfume at the end of summer, but I didn’t wear it at the time, because I think it’s more of a fall/winter kind of sent. This month, or at least the cold part of the month, it is the only one I used.

I bought this candle the first time I went to Target, which opened mid-October, here in Quebec City. There was this whole shelves of good smell and I just couldn’t resist to smell them all. I ended up taking one of the cheapest, since I didn’t had much money, but I probably take more next time I go. It’s a fresh apple sent, with a bit of pear that make the room smell good, a bit autumnal, but not too much, since it’s still fresh.


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