Decoration bits and pieces

First of all, I'll just be honest here, this is an ''I don't have anything else to post'' post. Truth is, I'm out off town on this long weekend and I'm not sure if I will have time/access to internet long enought to wright a whole post. I was going to write about my skincare routine (pictures were taken and everything) but my skin really doesn't behave lately, so I thought it really wasn't the best time to do that article. Something is breaking my skin and I've narrowed it down to 2 or 3 products, but I still have to do some tests before I feel comfortable to talk about it all.

So I thought I would just fill in the blank of this week by posting some decorations pieces that I taken pictures of a couple of weeks ago. I really like decoration and I plan on doing some DIY decor articles in the futur so this might be a good start.

These are some vases from Target and were very inexpensive.

This is an old school project.

I've been looking for one of theses newspaper holder for so long! I'm reslly glad I found one!

Some christmas decorations leftover.

Sunglasses and my ''collection'' of buissnes cards

And of course one of the two best looking thing on my appartment!

So that is all. I will come back next week with a more substantial article, hopefully about my skincare routine, if my skin is back to its normal self.

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