March Favorites

March have been such a disappointing month when it came to weather. Spring? What spring? But now that we are a few days into April, things seems to get better, snow starts to melt, finally.

And because of the bad weather, I've been... A bit down and tired. And it definitely shows on my favorites, because when I'm feeling a little depress, I tend to stop wearing makeup and jewelry and overall not caring that much about how I look.

Most of my favorites are from the last week of march, when I decided I should stop being lazy and put a little effort in how I looked.

So my first favorite is the Real Techniques contouring brush. It's actually been so long since I used any real brush at all, since the bronzer/blush I used to wear everyday had its own brush and didn't seam to work with any of my brushes. This is the only brush I can use and don't feel Like I look stupid when I'm contouring.

I showed this bronzer in my last haul and I've been using it everyday since. It is the honey bronzer from the Body Shop in the color fair matte. It really is a great color that is not too dark for my skin and I'm not afraid to put too much on unlike most other bronzer I've tried.

Theses were also in my last haul and I've also been using it almost everyday since. They are also from the Body Shop and are in the colors bronze bliss (left) and melt my heart (right).

This nail polish! Its Spanish moss from the Revlon long wearing line. I don't think I ever wore a nail polish that lasted that long on my nails! It's day 6 after I applied it and it barely shows! I'm really just... Amazed. When it says long wearing, it really means it.

This is a blush/highlight I've barely used before. I got it on a Forever 21 online order last summer and I was a little disappointed when it arrived because it really wasn't the same color it appeared on the website. But on the last week of march, as I was wearing the Body Shop bronzer, I also needed to put some blush on and it appeared to be the best solution : its a nice pink, its shimmery so it will work at the same time as a highlight and it is not pigmented a lot so I was sure I would not put too much on (because I do that sometimes....). So on a busy morning (I wake up at 7h and leave for work at 7h45, so I don't have much time and these 45min have to include hair, makeup, getting dressed, eating and getting something to eat for lunch. I know, I could just wake up earlier... But who really wants to do that?) ...what was I saying? That really was a long parenthesis... So on a busy morning it is easy and fast to apply.

As I mentioned in my February favorite, I'm having problems with my lips. They are really dry and irritated and sensitive. A few weeks ago I bought these two lip treatments to try helping it. I heard about alohes being good for healing and regenering skin cells. So I ended up at the drugstore trying to find anything make with alohes. I bought this Blistex DCT daily conditioning treatment for lips, made with aloha. I also bought the night version of the lip treatment I talked about in my last favorites. This is the Polisporin lip health and it has a really weird moisturizer texture to it, but it seems to work well. Overall, my lips health has gotten a lot better in the last month, and it is because of theses two products.

This, like the two other Body Shop products before, I have only used for the last week of march, but this is definitely my favorite of the three body butter I bought the other day. It is really refreshing and when I'm I'm feeling tired after a day of work it is an instant boost.

This is a Glade candle I bought on a whim at the beginning of the month. I think the scent is something like Hawaiian tropical something... To be honest, I haven't burned it that much, but it is sitting on my living room table and it always gives a little sent the this area, which I really like.

So that's it for my march favorites! I already feel like April will have more favor, but I should not talk too fast.

What about you, what have you liked this month?


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