Sick day in

Friday, on my last day of work, I could feel a cold beginning to grow in my throat. I always know, this is how it begins, a small, nasty feeling on the back of my throat. And of course, I woke up the next day with a full on throat ache. Getting sick is never nice, even more when you get it on the first day of holiday. But the good part is, Today I can sit on my sofa all day, doing nothing, except waiting for the cold to go away. 

A lazy day. Drinking my hot tea, watching TV or/and Youtube videos and just relax as much as I can.

I took a long hot shower (I wish I had an actual good bath though), used a face mask and a nice moisturizer. Basically, a Pamper session, which I haven't done is a while. 

Right now, I am still drinking tea and watching TV, but I'm feeling a lot better. 

What do you do when you are feeling sick? Any special products you use to make yourself feel better?

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