10 Links Monday

Number two of my links round up! I really like making theses blog posts! Here we go:

10 ways to eat the ends of your pantry - The Kitchn
I'm probably not the only one with an endless supply of pretty much anything in their pantry, am I? Even more since my boyfriend never looks at what we already have before buying new things, so end up with doubles. Once, we had four bottles of mustard (and that's just counting plain, yellow mustard). So a few ideas on how to use these things up is always welcome!

This website is genius! I always have problems finding the right shade if foundation, and when I end up asking for help, I always end up with a foundation that is too dark for me. I don't know yet how well it works, because the foundation I wanted to buy wasn't available inthe store, but I think it's worth giving it a try!

Some of my favorite people online - From Roses
A round-up-ception here, but i always like to see who others likes to read/watch and discover new people.

2014 beauty favorites - Hello Freckles
Favorites are one of my favorite posts to read! And when bloggers round up their favorites of the year, the products really must be good!

Tips for using natural light in still life photography - A Beautiful Mess
I always struggle to take good indoors photos and am always on the search of good tips. In this post, ABM really focuses on specific moods and lighting, which is exactly what I was looking for to take my photography to the next level. A if I compare this post photo with the last one, I think the tips really, really works.

Around-the-Clock Weight Loss - Popsugar
I'm always on the lookout for little health tips!

A first-time upholsterer tackles a rocker - Apartment Therapy
I don't have a lot of space right now to have big projects like this, butI'm definitely taking note!

Healthy low card snacks - Pop Sugar
I'm always trying to find chips alternatives. We all know you can make kale chips, which is great, but sometimes, trying somethingdifferent is nice. In this article, they talk about sprouts chips, whichsounds really tasty!

Who owns whom - Dolce Vanity
Which company owns your favorite cosmetic brand. I think this is really interesting.

Stuff to hang on the wall - Apartment Therapy
I think sometime I scratch my head too much when I try to find something new to put on my wall. This post gives some simple, yet very interesting ideas.

So what do you think? Did you find any of theses links helpful? What are your favorite links lately?

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