Space appreciation

I moved in this apartment about six months ago. We didn't have much time to find an apartment, just a few days, since we didn't live in the same city. We didn't know the city, and some appointments we had been in neighborhoods I ended up not liking that much. We didn't have much of a budget either, less than our last apartment to be honest.

Back in Quebec City, we had quite a spacious apartment, with a spare bedroom and lots of space. And I have a loooot of stuff. Now in Montreal, with one less room and much a smaller apartment, but as much thing to fit in there, things can get quite crowded.

I have a hard time squeeze all of my belonging, and there is a lot of boxes on top of boxes going on. Because of that I can sometime feel like my apartment is a mess. Most time really.

But there is still some spots I designed to look pretty, and I though some space appreciation was in order, if only to make me feel better. A nice space always makes me feel better when I have a bad day.

The lightning is not best when the photo is not taken right in from of the window, but I still tried to make my best.

Random internet pictures (unknown source) - DIY "&" painting

Isolde by Aubrey Beardsley, 1898


  1. I love the frames and the white tray. I live at my parents for now, and all the furniture are wooden, but not necessarily the colours I'd like! Gosh I'd like to decorate my own space!

    1. I know the kind of wood color you're talking about! haha! I think I could redecorate my place every other day and never get bored of doing it!