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Pamper routine : Maybeline gold nails bath and body works candle teavana tea

Right now I am between two jobs, witch gives me lots of free time. I had many stay-at-home days in the last few weeks (maybe too many, I have no social life at all right now) but I still wake up quite early. And if there is something I like to do in the morning when I have nowhere to be, is take my time and pamper myself. I think I actually like to pamper in the morning more than at night.

This is what I'm up to on a typical pamper morning. (That's not every morning, just to be clear. I still have other things to do on most days.)

I wake up around 7h30, often from this natural alarm called “the cats want food”. So this is usually the first thing I do in the morning. Then I sit on the couch and read for a while. Right now I am reading the second book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I remember my parents reading this way back in the days (the book was first publish in 1992) and as the TV series based on the book as began this fall I though it was about time I read it. Here is a link to both the books and the TV series, if you are interested.

I usually read until I'm hungry. What I eat depend mainly on the content of our kitchen. We are always out of either bread or cereal, or both. As I write this, we have this wonderful maple bread my boyfriend got the other day, it's so, so good. If I'm alone I will just eat a toast, if I make breakfast for two, I might do some french toast with this bread or pancake. I will usually make some tea to go with the breakfast, because I am a tea addict.

Pamper routine living proof body shop

Then it's time for a long and hot shower. I wish I had a nice bath, but it's not the case, so a shower as to do. To make it extra special, I might use a handmade soap my boyfriend got me a while back in a local market. But first, let me get some Living Proof restore mask treatment on my hair to make it extra smooth.

Once I'm done with my regular skincare, I will use a face mask, today it's the Body Shop honey and oat face mask.

Let's put some comfy cloths on, light the mint mocha bark candle from Bath and Body Works and make myself an other tea. Then I make my nails looking good with a brand new manicure and it's time to watch the latest Pretty little liar episode.

That is what I am up to at least one morning a week at the moment.

I'd love to know what you are up to on your day off. Do you pamper at all? What is your special product or activity for a good pamper morning or evening? Let me know!

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  1. Ha, my alarm clock is also "cat wants food". I do a lot of pampering at night, it involves a warm bath, foot scrub and hair mask (also Living Proof!)