Little things that makes me happy

Little things that makes me happy cactus map

Sometimes, every things seams to go the exact opposite way of where you want it to go. A succession of things that are just wrong. All the “why is this happening” and the blaming yourself, or other for that matter, just won't help. I have that tendency to see the cup half empty sometimes. And sometimes I realize I really need to kick my own ass if I want things to get better.

I had that one day last week where I barely moved from the couch. That's when I knew I needed do something to get me out of that mood. I ended up taking blog pictures because that never fails to make me happy. (And the pictures turned out great! I love this background!) And it's also when I had the idea for this post. So enough rambling now, I'll just get on with a list of small things that makes me happy.

The instant mood boosters:

1. Taking pictures and working on my blog (yeah, just said that but, it's on the list!)
2. My cats
3. Buying a small gift for myself (like this fake cactus, it's so cute!)
4. Wearing bight lipstick
5. Wearing a nice outfit
6. Good food
7. The sun shining on me when I take a shower (Yes, there is a window in our shower…)
8. The snow melting down and the promise of summer to come
9. Dancing in my living room when no one is around
10. Waking early and realizing I have so much time ahead of me (I can be a morning person, sometimes)
11. Pictures of baby animals on the internet (Yes, I'm that kind of person... But who isn't?)
12. Tea
13. Someone leaving a comment on my blog (Just saying' …)
14. Sleeping in fresh sheets
15. The perfectly ripe avocado
16. Putting my pajama on
17. Waking up and staying in bed for a while
18. Having a coffee with a friend (Sadly I haven't done that in a long time)
19. Going in a big grocery store, where there are lots of diversity
20. Finding a dollar (even more than a 25¢ or a 2$, because this means I can do laundry)
21. Baking
22. A good skin day
23. Realizing my favorite (or one of many) show as recorded last night and I can watch it while eating breakfast
24. The two old people that were holding hand in the subway yesterday
25. Fireworks
26. Waking up to realize it's sunny outside
27. A cool shower after a workout (Or it used to. I need to start working out again)
28. A nice smelling candle
29. A nap in the middle of the afternoon, even if I was not that tired to begin with
30. Fresh herbs
31. Burgers
32. Crêpes, pancakes
33. Chocolate
34. Bagels (yeah, food, again)
35. My boyfriend coming home when he worked late
36. Seeing the cat getting as excited as me to see him home
37. The song Something by the Beatles (it never fails to put a smile on my face)
38. Fresh fruits
39. Seeing the cats enjoy that new toy I bought them
40. Writing a list of things that makes me happy

What are the little rings that makes you happy?


  1. Well now I just have to leave a comment haha
    Most of these make me happy too

  2. I love seeing old lovey dovey people! I like taking a coffee in the morning and chill out!