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Fall / winter favorites : Boscia Living Proof F.A.B. Tarte Rimmel Josie Maran

I haven't written a favorite post in a long, long time. The last one was, if I remember correctly, back in July, and to be honest, it was not a good post. And to be honest, I spent so much time home these last 6+ months that I rarely felt the need to wear makeup. But there was still a couple of things that stood up, mainly for the 2 months I worked outside of home.

My first two favorites I already wrote full post about. So I will just link these post, otherwise I would just repeat myself. This is the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser and the F.A.B. Dual Repair Eye Cream. The third one, Josie Maran 100% Pure Light Argan Oil, I also talked about in my 5 face oils post, and on the Why argan oil is good for you post.

Back in fall, I probably wore this nail polish for two months straight. So it definitely deserved a mention. This is by Revlon in the color Devilish. It's a dark red/burgundy color that end up almost black on the nails. A classic fall color, if you ask me.

I felt like I was missing a nudy-pinky matte lipstick. So even if I try not to buy make up anymore (try being the key word) I picked this Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in the shade 08. I did wear it a lot, and still do.

It's a watch, with a cat face on it. Do I need to say more? The crazy cat lady in me is really happy.

I ordered a couple of things from the Sephora website and of course I picked up some samples. One of them was the Chloé perfume I heard everyone talk about for years. One thing about me is that when I smell perfume in store it always seems to smell like insect repellent, so I never really understood all the fuss around most perfumes. Now I do, because once it's on my skin for a few minutes (and is not mixed with 13 other perfumes) it does smell really good.

I got this Tarte cheek stain in fantasy (I think it was limited edition) in a holiday kit and I've been loving it since. It is really easy to apply, just sweep and blend with your finger. Color wise, it's a bronzy highlighter with a hint of pink, a mix of all good things.

The Living Proof restore mask treatment is a really, really nice product. I couldn't even believe it the first time I used it, my hair were so smooth. I spent the day touching my hair. I don't use it often, because it lasts a while, I can feel my hair stay smooth after a couple of washes. But of course I chopped my hair since and they are not as damage, so I use it even less, so it's going to last me a while, even if it is a small size!

I bought these earrings from Etsy before Christmas. And I absolutely love them. They are dainty and different. Find them here.

What have been your favorite lately, or these last months?


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