How to drink enough water

Tips on how to drink enough water in a day - Gendots

I though I was drinking lots of water. That was before I started using the Plant Nanny app.

I was not drinking enough in a day, which might explain why I often feel dehydrated. And I won't lie, it hasn't been easy to drink all of that water.

I am probably not the only one, right? So I though I would share a few tips on how to drink more and make it less boring.

Plant Nanny
As I said in the opening of this post, I installed the Plant Nanny app on my phone. Basically, you tell the app every time you drink, and it tells you how much cup of water you have to drink until the end of the day. And when you drink, it makes your plan grow. If you don't drink for a while, your plant dies. It also sends you a reminder when you haven't drank in a while.

Lemon water
This one is not really a tip, as I sometimes think lemon water can be… a little harsh and hard to drink. But it's good for you! Drinking a cup of lemon water first time in the morning helps cleanses your system, or at least it's what I've been reading for a while. It apparently also good to keep your skin in good condition, loose weight, give a boost of energy and fight infection. Basically, it's good for lots of things. I'm not gonna lie, I don't drink lemon water every morning, but when I do I kinda feel like all the dirt inside me is dissolving. Yeah, I know, gross. But it also feels good, it's like starting the day with a clean slate.

I love tea. It definitely is my favorite drink. I know it will sound like an obvious tip, but replacing straight up water by tea is just as good but it adds lots of flavors. Also, I think it's feels good to switch from cold drink to hot drink a couple time in the day. To me, it feels like a treat. Depending on the tea you decide to drink, it also adds some benefits for you body. Green tea is full of Antioxidant. Oolong tea is good for weight loss. There is also herbal teas which don't contain caffeine, making it a good choice before bed. Talking of caffeine, tea and coffee are different. In tea, there is about a fourth of the caffeine you find in coffee. It's not exactly the same thing either, when you drink coffee, you have a peek of energy, but in tea, there is not as much of a peek, but it lasts longer. Tea actually contain theine, which, for what I can read, is actually the same substance as caffeine, but in tea, it just don't act the same. “The coffee excites, the tea stimulates”. I'm allergic to caffeine, as it is in coffee, but I can drink as much tea as I want in a day and not be bothered with it.

Iced tea
Yes, I just talked about tea, and it as all the same proprieties as hot tea. Here I am not talking about store bought iced tea, because theses are full of sugar. What I do is I make tea in a big carafe and then either add ice or let it cool overnight. It usually makes for half of my water intake in a day, just with that once carafe. Obviously, it depends on how big it is, but it's at least a couple of cups of already made non-boring stuff.

Fruit water
I only tried this a couple of times, but adding fruits to water is a great way to make it tasty, and naturally sweet. It's been all around the internet right now, so while you hydrate yourself, you'll be trendy too!

I don't think these tips are anything ground braking, but it's always good to have a reminder, right? At least I like to be reminded of things I already know, but forgot about. For more on the subject, you can also read this article by Fitness Jockey.

Do you have any tips for drinking more water, or maybe another water based drink to make it more tasty?


  1. I always keep a water bottle with me. I like drinking water so I try to be good about getting my daily intake, otherwise I get headaches and my mood suffers!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. Oh I have not heard of that app, totally going to have to get it as I definitely do not drink enough water. Thanks for the great tips! And thank you for linking up with the Best of the Blogosphere link party!