One lipstick three looks

One lipstick, three looks - Gendots

I never know how to start a blog post. So I end up on bloglovin' to see how other bloggers start their post. Anyone else does this? Not that I found any inspiration this time, so I'll just wing it.

I love a bold lip. But I tend to always wear my make up the same way, so I though I would switch it up!

The cat eye - One lipstick, three looks - Gendots

The cat eye
To me, this is the most classic look of the three. Usually it's the liquid liner pared with a red lip, but I think it looks as classy with the pink lip, and a little different as well.

The bronzy glow - One lipstick, three looks - Gendots

The bronzy glow
Not gonna lie, I had to cheat on this one and add lots of color in Photoshop. The camera just didn't pick the color of the bronzer as intensely as it actually was. Also, I didn't notice I got photo bombed before I edited the photo haha!

The subtle smokey eye - One lipstick, three looks - Gendots

The subtle smokey eye
I always hear that you should put the emphasis on only one part of your face. And I'm often afraid, when I wear a bold lip, to go overboard on the eye, so I usually go for a bare eye. But, it's nice to switch things up from time to time and to experiment a little. So I tried this, there is color on my lid, it's slightly smokey, and I think it works!

Which one is your favorite? How do you wear your bold lips?


  1. All three are very pretty! What lip color is it? Love the photobomb!!

  2. All of the looks are great! I wear a cat eye almost all the time no matter the lippie.