20 fresh blog post ideas

I'm having the worst writing block lately and I feel like there's a lot of fellow bloggers who are feeling the same this summer. It always happens once in a while, but this summer have been particularly bad on the idea (and motivation) side. I found myself searching for this kind of post quite a lot in the last weeks and found that they usually offer the same, sometimes obvious, ideas. That is why I decided to write my own post idea list. This is nothing ground breaking, but I think it might inspire more than just listing the usual review and FOTD. I hope you get inspired!

  1. Tell us how you've decluttered your wardrobe/makeup
  2. Take your readers around your working space or vanity
  3. Share your nail polish / lipstick picks for the upcoming season
  4. Pick up products you haven't used in a while and review them
  5. Create a post around a specific color (ex: tell us about the best coral blush or bronze eye shadows)
  6. Tell us about the best movies you've seen lately - or TV shows, or books...
  7. Research a beauty related ingredient and tell us why it's good - or bad
  8. Write about a more personal subject if you feel like sharing, who knows who you could help out there!
  9. Give yourself a challenge and blog it (ex: 30 days of lipstick, healthy food, squat, eye look…)
  10. One item, three looks (ex: three difference look with one lipstick, shirt, haircut, eyeliner…)
  11. Revisit your most worm makeup look of 2, 5 or 10 years ago!
  12. Tell us about products you are currently testing and your thought on them
  13. Create a make up look for a special day
  14. Share your favorite links of the week
  15. Show us a few things you love but never ear anybody talk about
  16. 10 warning sings you're a make up horder
  17. The lazy girl guide to early mornings
  18. The secret of a great winged liner / smokey eye / bold lip
  19. A morning or night routine for a specific moment (interview, fall, family reunion, first day of school…)
  20. Your take on a popular trend

If you end up writing about one of these subjects, don't forget to leave me a link to the post, I would love to read it!


  1. This is such a great inspiration! I think I may do a post on current products I'm testing, like an ongoing "first impressions" theme!

  2. Such a fun, comprehensive list! Definitely bookmarking this one :)



  3. I love this! These are definitely much more unique ideas than the million posts I've seen. Thanks for sharing your good ideas with the rest of us who have writing block .:)

  4. Man I get writer's block so often these days! Thanks for this - great inspiration!

  5. Thanks for the ideas! Its always hard when you get in a bit of a blogging rut!

  6. Great ideas !!! Thanks for sharing Geneviève :)

  7. I love these ideas! Definitely jotting down #'s 5, 9, & 10 at the moment. They're all great - thanks for the inspo!!

  8. I love that these aren't the 'usual' types of blog posts. I think I may try out a few of these ideas, saving this post.