I tried Irresistible Me Clip On Hair Extensions

A few week ago I was offered the opportunity to try the Irresistible Me clip on hair extensions. I never tried hair extension for the purpose of having longer hair(I used to have blue and purple micro-bead extension streaks instead of dying my hair years ago), and I have to say I was quite exited about it. I picked the Silky Touch extensions in medium brown 140kg 18po. The hair color fit almost perfectly my natural hair, they are just a little more warm toned, but you can only see it if you look up closed, and even them it's barely noticeable.

The hair itself looks really good. They are thinner at the ends, which gives them a layered look that I really love.

I had a bit of a hard time blending the hair extension with my own hair, but I think this is mainly due to my haircut and length. Plus I probably didn't choose the right day to try them on and take pictures, because it was hot. And I had a lot of extra hair on, that I was curling, with a hot tool. So maybe I didn't take enough time to style them properly (aka the back of my head was not styled at all), but I think it looks good in the pictures, which is what I wanted for this post.

But I am planning to wear them at a wedding I am going to in November (I am the best man, I'm so exited!). It will be much colder then, so no heat problem. Plus I am planning to let my hair grow until then just to make sure it blends well.

Over all, I am really happy with the way the Irresistible Me hair extensions looks on me. I will me experimenting more before the wedding, but I'll wait for the heat to go away first!

Have you tried hair extensions before?


  1. I can NOT tell that you are wearing extensions at all!! It looks so good and natural! I just got mine too and I can't wait to play around with it.

    Raincouver Beauty