July Instagram Round Up

Gendots July Instagram Round Up
[01 : Spending time outside] [02 : Cat!] [03 : Products from essence cosmetics and THEFACESHOP]
[04 : At the beach with friends] [05 : CBB Christmas in July] [06 : Walking around]
[07 : Birthday gift from my boyfriend] [08 : A good looking smoothie picture] [09 : Shakshuka is awesome]

Not gonna lie, this Instagram round up only happens because I don't have any other content ready to put online right now. This was a crazy, crazy week. One of my cat got sick and had surgery. I was busy, tried, worried and over all blogging was not my number one priority. I will bring write post and take photos in the next couple days.

I did some post like this when I first started my blog, and back when I was not on Instagram because I made the bad decision to own a Blackberry. And I though it was fun. I like reading about what other people have done over the last month, so why not do it myself?


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