July favorites

July have been a weird blogging month. My head was not in the game and it definitely showed in my posting schedule. The beginning of August doesn't announce anything better so far, but it might just be my energy draining cold talking. I should be up on my feet in a few days and hopefully so will be the blog.

I haven't done a monthly favorite since July last year, how crazy is that! I used to be my favorite post to write - and still is my favorite to read.

Each month I either felt like I didn't have time to take good pictures, or I just did not have enough favorites to make a whole blog post about it. Anyway, here are my favorites of July.

New favorite lip combo
Too Faced Melted liquified long wearing lipstick in melted peony on top of Sephora nano lips liner in 16 pure pinky. This create the perfect pink mat lip combo. I love the color and it lasts a while.

The 21th was my birthday! I love birthdays and gifts, mine or others. This year, the gifts wouldn't stop coming, kinda. I received a lot of things by mail, while most of them were not actually for my birthday, it felt like they were, because of the timing. The weekend before we had a nice dinner out with a couple of friends and on my actual birthday me and my boyfriend had sushi to go. Over all it was a good birthday, even if my parents could not make it.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara
I tried this essence mascara for my Osheaga look with essence post that went up last week. And so far I am loving it. Mascara is one of those things I really don't like to spend a lot on, do finding a good one in a brand so inexpensive is great!

L'Occitane lemon zest hand cream
It was part of my boyfriend birthday present. I never tried anything from l'Occitane before but now I get why everyone seems to like the brand. Not only does it smell great -lemon zest is a really refreshing sent- and the packaging is beautiful, but the products he got me are great. I especially like the hand cream that kept my hand as soft as they can be for all day long.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Beautifying oil
This. Smells. So. Good. It was part of a gift from my parents and even if it is not a really summery sent compared to the l'Occitane lemon zest product, I just couldn't stop using it. It was love at first smell. It reminds me of cookies, as far as I can remember, because as I write this I have a cold and I can't smell anything. One time I used it and the cat started to lick my arm, so I guess it's a crowd-pleaser.

Gilmore Girls
I started re-watching Gilmore girls the week my boyfriend went back to our hometown. I spent the week alone and I watched a lot of Netflix. That was a month ago and now I am midway through season 6. Call me an addict. I love to see, after about 10 years, how my perception of the story and the character have changed. And even if most of the time I know what is going to happen, I still can't wait to watch another episode.

What have been your favorite this month? I hope to keep it up, and have favorites for the next months too!


  1. Happy belated birthday! L'Occitane hand creams are my favorite! I'm going to check out your Essence post, I love a good drugstore mascara!

  2. I have watched Gilmore Girls all the way through so many times and I still love it. I need to try that Body Shop oil! Happy belated birthday!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I love L'Occitane hand creams, but haven't tried the lemon. Sounds beautiful! I'll have to look at the essence mascara. I haven't tried any from them, but they have other great items in the range.