Oups… Life update

Wow, I feel like I haven't been blogging for such a long time. That's sad because this blog as become such a big part of my life in the last year and I feel like I'm just letting it down. I don't want to make excuses, but to be fair, so much has happened in the last month or two that my head was just not into it.

Here's what happened

In the beginning of august I got a small cold, really nothing major, but it still took some energy out of me. Then at the same time Augustus, one of my cats, started to pee everywhere. I know that a cat doing that might be a sign that something's off, so I called the vet and after a few tests they told me he had stones in his bladder and would need to have surgery.

So they kept him for the night and he had surgery the next day. They've let me see him for a few hours after his surgery, which was really nice. The day after, we could take him home. But he had quite a lot of medication to take. And having a cat taking his medication is not easy, at all.

Basically, I was really worried, stressed out and tired.

Fast forward two weeks, his convalescence was over and he was finally doing better. Like, way better than he has been for months actually. And he is still doing really great, which I am extremely grateful about!

Then, our landlord had promised to have our bathroom redone over the summer. It ended up starting just a couple of days after Augustus had finished his medications. Obviously, we couldn't use our bathroom while it was being redone, so we were staying with Joey's uncle (Joey's my boyfriend by the way). But we couldn't take the cats with us. At first I went back to our apartment every morning and nights to feed the cats. Then our neighbour was nice enough to offer to take care of that. But I still went to the apartment every day to see them and make sure they were okay. The renovations took a long time too. 10 days for a really small bathroom and lots of people was telling us it would normally take something like 6 days.

They eventually finished it. Buuuuuut there was dust everywhere. I had to clean the whole apartment. All of our dishes were dirty. The kitchen floor I washed twice, but you can still see dust on there.

And I started working just a few days after they were done. Yes, I finally found an actual fulltime, permanent job. I can't even believe it. But I knew once I had a job I wouldn't be able to blog as much as I wanted, so I was thinking I would take a bunch of pictures before starting and write in my spare time. But I had no time for pictures.

August was crazy. September is busy, but good. I know I'll be able to get back to a normal blogging schedule, but I think I just need some time to adjust. I'm thinking of moving my uploading day to Friday, it might work best for me now.

So I'll see you on Friday!


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