DIY Bath Shelf & Pamper Night

Gendots - DIY Marble Bath Shelf & Pamper Night With THEFACESHOP and lush

If you've read previous posts of mine you may know my bathroom have been redone over the summer. I think I didn't take baths for a year because the bath in this apartment was just too bad. And I love baths so it has been hard.

One thing I really wanted to go with my brand new bathroom was a bath shelf. I've seen these around and I needed this in my life. But why pay the big price when you can just take some wood and make it yourself?

That's what I did. I had a ton of old shelves I was not using and one of them happened to be just the right size. I covered it in marble contact paper, because who doesn't love marble these days? You place it over the bath when you're taking one and it's done. It's that easy and it looks great.

Here is an example of what I keep on it when I'm relaxing with bubble all around me. I have theFaceShop sheet mask* because bath time is the best time for face mask. I also have an exfoliant from lush because with winter approaching it is necessary. And a candle, you just need a candle to relax, right?

What do you keep on your bath shelf (or elsewhere) for a relaxing Sunday night?

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