Recent Favorites

Here are some favorites from the last months.

Rimmel Blush
I'm usually not much of a compulsive buyer, but sometimes I do have that need to buy thing I don't really need. For some reason it makes me feel good. Maybe I'm too much of a materialist. This is what happened when I bought this blush. I ended up using it all month long as it is a neutral pink and it looks really natural on me. It also has that perfect in between pigmentation where it definitely shows up on the skin, but it is still hard to go overboard with it.

Sephora Cleansing Brush
To be honest, I only bought this Sephora Cleansing Brush because it looked cute and I thought it would make a good photo accessory. However I ended up loving it! It turns any cleanser into a soft exfoliation.

Nyx Contour Palette
I know I added this one in my favorites before, but I've rediscovered it this month. I love the highlight shades. Its that kind of in between shimmer that pack a punch, but still look natural, depending on how much you put on. I love the two matte light shades too that works really well as a setting powder. There's also a selection of contour shades. I don't use all of them because some don't really work for my skin tone, but one of them is the perfect not-too-warm color that really makes it look like a shadow rather than a bronzer.

Nyx Brow Pen
It is basically a dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wise, maybe a little more waxy. The color I have is slightly too warm, but I can still make it work. However I know when I'm out of it I will repurchase this one over the Anastasia one because the price tag is way lower.

Revlon Matte Liquid Lipstick
Not a fan of the smell. It is way too synthetic for me. However, I'm a big fan of the color and formula, which is the one lipstick I wore the most this month. This mat and easy to apply. It has a decent wear time too.

President's Choice Sunscreen
The smell of this sunscreen might be the only reason why I use it. I usually forget to put SPF on, but with this one I always remember because it smells so good. Other than its sweet coconut smell, I also love that it is a spray formula which makes it super easy to apply. I even reapply it on top of my makeup in the middle of the day sometimes. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use it on my face, but it doesn't seem to break me out so far.

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