Hot Cider Recipe

Hey there! How’s your weekend’s going? I’m here drinking some hot cider, so I’m doing pretty good. And I got a new computer, it’s working, and I can work on all the projects I had in my mind, so I’m actually doing great! 

I feel like it’s the end of a nightmare! My Macbook Pro completely crashed at the end of 2016. I tried to have it repaired, but it didn’t help at all. I also tried using my old PC, which ended up being really, really frustrating as it would be super slow just by going on Gmail, so you can
imagine that editing photos was not an option… I actually bought a brand new laptop in January, BUT it was so bad. I guess it was just a lemon and exchanging it would have been fine, but by that time I just wanted to go back to a Mac. I’m working on Mac at work anyway and I know from doing it before that going from Mac to PC is annoying. Especially if you’re using the same software at work and at home (Photoshop & Illustrator). 

So I got a Mac Mini earlier this week. It’s a great budget option since I didn’t have 3000$ to put on a MacBook Pro. (I feel like the price doubled since I bought mine 5 years ago, it’s crazy) Right now I don’t have a screen to go with it, so I’m just screen sharing ro my Macbook as a display. It’s not the best thing ever, it makes it pretty slow, but I just want to take my time to look at a new screen. And it’s doing the job for now. 

Now, going back to the point of this post. Hot Cider. YUM! I know it’s more of a Fall thing, but it’s Winter now and I just need something to warm my heart. It’s cold out right now. 

I was feeling like using cool spices to infuse in the apple juice. Something a little different from just plain old cinnamon and clove. So I went the Chaï route on this one. Cardamone, black pepper, all spice… Hmmm, I love those spices so much. 

You can drink it as is, but you can also add some Gin or Rum to it. I have this Gin de Neiges which is made with apple water and ice cider, so it paires perfectly with this. 


1.89 Litre Apple Juice
10 green Cardamome Pods
1 Tbsp Telicherry Black Pepper
2 inch Ginger
10 All Spices
7 Clove

Just boil the apple juice with all the spices in it until desired spiciness.

What are you favorite hot drink for the Winter? I’m kinda craving hot chocolate too, maybe I’ll experiment with it next!


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