April 2013 favorites

Here are my favourite things of April. Of course there is make up and fashion related item, but also more.

Fist of all, I’m gonna include it, even if I don’t really realise it yet. “School’s out for summer. School’s out for EVER” would sing Alice Cooper, but since my singing ain’t exactly great, I’m gonna stick to say “I’m done with school forever”. I just said I don’t realise it, but to be honest I’m not even at the stade to say “oh damn, I can’t believe it is really over!” I just feel like I go back to class on Monday.

Make up wise, I’ve been liking the L’Oréal magic smooth soufflé foundation, applied on top of sunscreen. I then applied water mist on top of it all and my skin looked like I just washed it, but better.

Long ago, when I was probably not older than 16, I had a perfume. I remember thinking it was soooo cool because it was a rimmel perfume, and I thought that is was high end or something. I know, rimmel isn’t that glamorous, I know that now. The bottle, as small as it was, never bite the dust and for an unknown reason I still had it on the bottom of a drawer. But long story short, I tried it again, thinking it would have turned, but it still smelt good, and I’ve been using it quite a bit during April. It smells really fresh, so it made me believe it was nice outside, even when it was not.

I really like the Maybeline color tattoos. I already had a few, but in the beginning of April I bought a new one, in barely branded. It’s a light color that really brightening the eye. It’s also nice to use as a highlighter, which I did a few times.

Recently, everyone’s been raving about Nivea lip butter and I really wanted to try it. But I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere, until I went to that one small drugstore because it’s where the post office is. And there it was, just behind the post office counter, finally. I have to say, I don’t it is THAT moisturising, it’s pretty good, but not better than some of my other lip products. Also, I’m not a fan of lip products that are not in a tub and that need the use of my finger to apply it. “Then why is it a favourite?” you shall say. Well, there is this one thing: it. Smells. DELISOUS! I could literally smell this instead of eat desert! And I’m not even a sweet smell fan, but this one… oh god, incredible. (I have it in vanilla & macadamia)

I’ve seen NYX eye shadows a couple of times before and to be honest, every time I touched the product I’ve been amazed by the buttery softness of it, but I never bought it, thinking I had enough eye shadow, which, to be honest, is true. But the other day, I went by it again, and this time, I couldn’t resist. At the beginning was only looking to buy one shade, but then I saw this pallet, which was about the double of the single shadow price, but for ten. Hey, it was a bargain! And I was not wrong, I used it most days since! The colors are great (except maybe this green one that I don’t see myself using in a near future), the pigmentation is not bad either! There one grey shadow, in the set, that have those big gold chunks in it, at first I though it was weird, but I kindda like it!

I have two favourite nail polish. The fist is As gold as it get by Essie. It is basically just gold chunks of different size and shape. I applied it on top of every nail polish I wore this moth. The second one is a new purchase of mine, a nice coral, which is my favourite color. It is Orange you jealous? By l’Oréal. It is also my first l’Oréal nail polish, and I like the shape of the bottle.

I never bought anything from ebay before. But I had a prepaid credit card with a small leftover on it and I gave in. Each of theses cost less than 2$. Of course it’s not THE best quality, but I’ve seem worst for much than these. Plus, the thrill of waiting for it to happen is really nice.

I bought this scarf when I went back to my hometown for Christmas, but I forgot it there. I missed it until my parent came to visit me for easter and bring it with them. It is a nice light scarf, but it’s a wide one, so I have enough fabric to keep me warm, but not to much. Plus I like the black and white skull design on it.

A while ago, I had to start wearing orthosis. And it was okay for the winter, because it fitted on most of my winter boots. But as spring came, I realised the orthosis were not fitting in most of my spring/summer shoes. So what does a girl shall do? Buy more shoes, of course! So those are turquoise converse. It’s a nice item that will probably never goes out of style, plus it was on sale.

Not on the pictures:
I’m running out of my regular toner and I think it’s now to arch for my skin. So I turn to a more natural alternative: Lemon juice. I mix lemon juice and water and put it in a bottle and here is my new toner. Plus it’s much cheaper, a bottle of lemon juice only cost 0,99$. And to be honest, it really does wonders! I use to have lots of redness on my face and now, on good days, I can barely see any pinkish areas!


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