I’ve been to the mall last Thursday. I was a bit depressed because I didn’t have a job I was interviewed for. I of course I went to spend money I should have saved, but it made me feels so much better.

So first of all, I saw there was a sale going on at Inglot. I never went to Inglot, so I thought it would be a good time to try it. I got two eye shadows, one in a matt greyish brown. The other one looks, as you can see, like a shimmery dark brown, but it’s mush paler than it looks in the pan. For a moment, when I got home and unpack everything, I thought I didn’t have the good one, but I tried it on and it was the right color.

I then went to the drugstore. I wanted to get a facemask, but nothing really caught my eyes, so I bought a cheep one (only 5$) I haven’t tried it yet, but it smell good. There was hairspray on sale, and since I didn’t own one for a couple of month, I thought it was time to get a new one. It’s nothing fancy, but again, it was only 3$. I also wanted to get a Nyx lipstick. I bought one last week and I liked it, and since they’re not expensive, I thought why not get an other one. I took Pumpkin pie, which it a nude, since I wanted a nude. Then I saw other items on sale, and there was a eyeliner in a bronze color which looked nice and Avène thermal spring water, which I remembered hearing of.


Then I went to lush, which, I shall say, was one of the reasons I went to the mall in the first place. I never been to lush before, I heard about it, a lot, but I never went in the store. First of all, the saleswoman was really nice, I felt like we were friends for the moment I step foot in there. So I bought two bath bomb, one in cocoa and one in honey sent. Then I told the girl I wanted to get a facemask and it ended up with a sample of a mint mask. I also got a kit with dream cream, a sugar scrub, a vanilla dusting powder and a massage bar. Everything smells super nice, but I think the massage bar (wiccy magic muscles) sent it giving be headache…


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