What's in my bag

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Let’s begin with the more boring stuff and move on to things that might be more interesting.

An AOS lip balm, in a blueberry sent, that comes from the Alice in Wonderland collection.
A wet wipe from a restaurant. Seems like it’s been sitting in my bag for a while.
Ibuprofen and Tylenol… because I can get a headache anywhere and at anytime.
… So that’s where my mittens have been…

I don’t go anywhere without pen and paper. We never know when inspiration is gonna strike!

My (kind of old) ipod. But its still doing it’s job! Plus I like the design on it.

My ebook reader (This is a Sony eReader). It’s either this or an actual book.

Here we can see my wallet, with the cute bow on it. In the back it’s my bag, black and full of studs. (The weirdest this is… if I let my bag on the floor, my cat will sleep on it… On the studs. How uncomfortable must that be! But I should be used to cats being weirds by now…)

Then I have this little bag inside my bag, where I put everything I would lose at the bottom of my bag.

There’s a hand cream (Burt’s bees nourishing milk & honey body lotion).
Antibacterial hand cleanser, because it’s useful, especially when your boss have an eye infection, touches his eyes and then touches your things… arrr
Lush superbalm, which will get out of my bag, since spring is coming. The key word here being coming as you can see on theses pictures of my balcony, we’re still far from there. But… it’s Canada, so as soon as it starts to melt, I say it’s spring. And it did melt… a little…) 

And here is everything else, Tide-to-Go, two lip balms, and other hand cream, a pen and a nail file. Also, my old (and getting gross) pocket mirror that I got in a teen magazine, back in the days. It must be 10 years old, it might be time to get a nicer one.

What about you, do you carry many things in your bag? Useful or useless?

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