Friday haul

I went shopping last Friday. I needed to get a gift for my boyfriend birthday that is coming next Sunday.

I didn’t have much time, so I only went where I knew I had something to get… Except for the Bodyshop, but I had a 15$ off a 40$ purchase, so that counts, right?

The first place I went to was the dollar store. To be honest, I really don’t remember what I needed to get there… so I guess there was only one place I needed something…

I got this nice set of makeup bags. I really like the dots (of course) and I don’t really like my old makeup bag anymore (last time I needed to use it, I just improved one with a clutch.

Even if it’s not my favorite mascara, I thought for the price the Maybeline greatlash was a good deal.

And I found these Argan oil cleansing cloths, I don’t know how much argan oil there’s actually is in those, but I really wanted to try thoses. There were also vitamine e, Q 10 and omega 3 ones.

I also found this… lantern? And I thought it looked really nice. Plus it was only 3$ but is worth 10$, so it’s a good deal.

I also went to Target (and, there, I really had something to get, haha!).  This is where I bought my boyfriend gift (which I won’t show because I don’t want him to see it). I also came across this Starbucks Hot Cocoa Peppermint aaaaand, I, just, couln’t, reisit. I can’t wait to try it!

Last week I saw a blog post about food you should keep at work (But I don’t remember where…). And in that post they showed theses Cranberry almond bars and thought they really looked good, so when I saw them in Target I picked a few to try. Ends up they really are really good!

I kept the best for last! I went in the Bodyshop and they had a buy 3 and get 3 free deal. So I went a little bit crazy and tried out a few things. First of all, I wanted to get some new bodybutters. I picked up the olive oil, even if I liked it in the store, I didn’t think I would like it that much! It is so fresh! I also got the almond one which smells just like Disaronno, and I really like Disaronno, so I just couldn’t resist! They also had leftovers of Christmas sets, so I tried this small size mango bodybutter with the matching lip butter which also smells really good!

When I saw this almond nail & cuticle oil, I really was intrigued and I knew I wanted to try it. Now I can’t wait to take my nail polish off to try it!

I heard EssieButton talk about this honey bronzer. I remember her saying it was really good for fair skin. I went in the store knowing I was going out with this in my bag. A few days after, I can say I was not disappointed.

Last but not least, theses two eyeshadows. I don’t think I ever heard anybody talk about the Bodyshop eyeshadows but I really like theses colors, and I needed my third (or 2 on 6…) items. Just like the bronzer, a few days latter, I’m not disappointed.

That pretty much sums up this haul. I also went to an asian grocery store, anyone would like to see something about this in the future? I really like food, and finding different products in that kind of store!

And what about you, have you bought anything nice latety?

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