Moving out, or finding my make up addictions.

As you may know, I'm moving (in just a few days as when this post is up!). We currently live in Québec City and we are moving to Montréal because my boyfriend is going to university there. It took us a long time to know how and when we could move, because neither of us have a car and even if I have my permit, I think I haven't driven in almost three years... So I don't really want to risk it.

Moving also means packing up. And I packed all my make up a month and a half ago. I thought I would only keep the essentials out for everyday use. I thought it was a good idea for a blog post because it showed what product I had the most use. But I ended up with a lot more than I thought I would, just as I would do if I was packing for the weekend, only inverted.

At first, I only wanted to keep two lipsticks out, but ended up with six. I wanted to only keep one maybeline color tattoo and one eyeshadow palette. I ended up with three color tattoo, two single shadow, and two palets. Wanted two nail polish, ended up with four, plus a base. I may have a problem here. (I just saw on the picture that I also have a crayon eye shadow, I didn't use it once.)

As for blush, I kept two out, one powder and one cream, which I think is okay. One bronzer. One mascara. Two foundations, a light and a darker one, because I know I'll have time to tan. One concealer One brow pencil. One primer. One powder. A couple of brushes...

Before I took the pictures for the blog post, I really didn't think I had that much left to work with. That really opened my eyes and now I know where my addictions are : lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish. I think I will have to restrain myself, a lot.

Please tell me we all have these kind of addiction. I really need all my will power to not buy a lipstick, this is crazy. I guess there could be really worst addiction. But even if I told you I could stop whenever I wanted, I don't really think anybody would believe me. I use to only wear eye liner and mascara. I use to have only two eye shadow and no lipstick. Then I started following beauty blofgand watching beauty videos on Youtube. Then I started a blog too. And obsessions are growing bigger and bigger...


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