July favorites

So... It's been a while. It's been a little bit of a crazy month, with the move and everything. But that is no excuse, I honestly just lost habit of blogging. And I've been lazy, most of all. 

But let's start fresh with a new month!

I only have three favorites this month and the first is this First Aid Beauty face cleanser. The second is tea tree oil. My skin was really bad at the beginning of the month, and I started to use these two products and it really made a difference. Was it the first or the second one that really made the difference? I don't really know, but I think it was a mix of the two.

Earlier in july, my old and cheap eyeshadow blending brush broke and I needed a new one. I ended up in Sephora (it was actually my first time at Sephora. I heard good things about their brushes, so I bought the Blending eye shadow one (#71) and I am not disappointed. 

Some other random favorites :  President's choice water in peach mist flavor, it literally tastes like peach, not fake peach. Dumpling. My new neighborhood. Montréal, which is the city I moved to. 

That is all for this month. That was a very short post. 


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