5 cities I want to visit

One thing I always dreamt to do, but never had a chance to, is to travel. There is so much places I would like to visit, so many places I feel have so many things to offer! There were a few missed attempts at traveling, but it never turned out to work.

I just read a blog post on Apartment Therapy (10 Small Ways to Be Healthier Today) in which one of their tips was plan a vacation. Their point being that even if you’re not planning on actually going, planning a getaway can make you a little happier. Dreaming feels good.

So I just sat there and started day dreaming (which is actually one of my favorite things to do). And even writing this right now, I look at empty, smiling because I think of all the places I would like to see.

Therefore, here is a list of 5 cities I would like to visit. There is much more to that list, maybe next time I will do 5 country, or 5 places, or 5 historic sites…

In no particular order :


I always had that thing for England, and especially London. I think it started when I was about 12 and I was a huge fan of S Club 7. Don’t judge, they were the best ! I remember a phase where I would exclusively listen to British music, and I though I was so cool because of it. And ever since London is a city I would really like to visit.


When I first studied graphic design, I had an asignment where I had to do a mini website on a city. So, I though I should take a city I didn’t know much about, it ended up being Prague. I really fell in love with the architectur.


This is kinda related to number one, since S Club 7 had a TV show filmed in Barcelona (yes, I really was obsessed, and I now realise it really left a big mark on me, even now). I remember there were theses shots of the city and it was looking so cool and fresh somehow. I later realised is was mainly Gaudí architecture I was seeing back then, with all the weird shapes and the nice colors. I mainly want to see La Sagrada Família out of all his work. Overall, the city just looks like it has a great vibe.


No musical reference here. Placed in both Europe and Asia, Istanbul seems to me like its full of mysteries. There is a long history in what used to be the capital of the Byzantine Empire. Also, turkish food is said to be one of the most refined in the world.


There is something about New Orleans, or at least about the way it is shown. I’m sure not all the city is the French Quarter, because like most big cities, there must be a variety of neighborhoods, with different characters. This city has so much historical-cultural diversity. From French to African to Spanish. And I think it is what makes me want to visit New Orleans.

What about you, which cities would you like to visit?


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