Lips care & story

About a year ago, I started having dry lips. At first it was not something I was worried about since I always had a tendency to dry lip (and skin, and hair, and eyes, and mouth...). It also was the beginning of the colder months, which always get things to the dryer side anyway. 

But after a while, I noticed the dryness just wasn't going away, no matter how much lipbalm I was putting on it. If I remember correctly, at the time I was mostly using EOS lipbalm and Polyspirin daily lip protectant, that worked really well a couple of years back.

But still nothing was making it better. After awhile I decided to exfoliate the hell out of my lips, thinking it would take the dead skin off and be good afterward. That ended up being a bad mistake. I just hurt my skin, that already was in a fragile state. 

And it didn't come back. My lips were still dry, but adding to this, it was irritating. The contour of it would become red and painful and sometimes it would crust, yuk.

I found a couple of products that were helping during the winter and spring, but it has only been two months ago that I really found a routine that was keeping my lips healthy.

It is not cured. I just found a way to make it manageable.

First comes a pretty basic tip : Always have a lip balm on hand. I have a few in every room of my apartment, plus in my bag. To be honest, some are better than others and there is a few that I only use for lack of something better. But the important part is to keep theses lips moist at all time. Out of all the balms that I have, I think my favorites are from the Bodyshop. I have a chocolate one and an argan oil one on my nightstand, and a mango one in my makeup bag.

For the part that is more of a treatment, there is a process I like to follow.

First, put something made of aloe on your lips. I have Blistex DCT which is really cheap. I also heard great things about the Bodyshop one. Wait for an hour or two.

Next step, exfoliate. I like to use a kid toothbrush for that. I feel like a brush does a better job than a scrub, but that is just personal. And why a kid one? It is smaller and easier to use, in my opinion. You will see that the dead skin will just magically fall off.

Step three, repair the damages you just caused. Lips are sensitive, and exfoliating, even if you try to be gentle, can be hard for it. I use cortisol cream, mostly concentrated on the outsides of my lips. Cortisol cream is used for temporary relief of skin irritation, rash, itching... 

Final step, moisturize. After waiting a few minutes for the cortisol cream to sink in, I apply a thick layer of one of my most moisturising balm, and then go to sleep.

I try to do this process once or twice a week. But I don't think it would be a good idea to do this everyday, because if the exfoliation and the cortisol cream (they say on the tube to not use more than seven days in a row).

I hope your lips are feeling great, even with the colder months slowly starting. And I am happy to say I can now wear bright lipstick again.


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