Sweet treats - Chocolaty products

I always loved chocolate with a passion. Even if I'm more of a salty than sweet kind of person, it definitely has a good place on my favorites food/treats list. I don't eat lots of desert nowadays, but a piece of dark chocolate always ends nicely a meal.

And sometimes, just having something cocoa-scented to smell fills up my chocolate obsession. So here are some of my favorite decadent smelling product that I like to use.

David's Tea in mint chocolat rooibos
First of all, I have this David's Tea choco-mint tea. It really feels like a treat because it's chocolate flavored, but it's still fresh because the mint.

La Sanza chocolate candle
This is a really old candle. I think I was in highschool when I got it, which means it was at least 8 years ago. It was from La Sanza, and of course it is not on sale anymore. I actually just started to burn it this year, which I know sounds weird. I was just not into burning candle back then, I guess.

Lindt passion orange & pistachio
I am usually a dark chocolate lover, but even if this one is milk, this hint of orange was a nice touch.

The Body Shop Chocomania line
Is a body moisturizer more loved than the Body Shop ones? I know it is the one product I can really feel the moisture lasting an entire day. Last winter I got that valentine day kit. It was chocolate and on sale, how to resist that. The kit also included a lip balm and a srub that is also really nice.

Do you love chocolate as much as I do? Leave a comment if you think there is any other chocolaty things I should try!

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