5 most used hair products

My 5 most used hair products right now

Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out my hair. It was curly a couple of years ago, not it almost is completely straight. I don't know what is up with that. All I know is these products are working for me right now.

Dry shampoo is a staple in my hair care. I definitely don't wash my hair every day. Not only does it keep hair looking fresh, but it also adds volume, which is something I am naturally lacking. Right now I am enjoying the herbal essence one, compared to most dry shampoo I tried in the past, this one does not leave your hair with that white cast.

I was one of these people who though shampoo didn't make much of a difference, but I guess I was just not using the right ones. Since I started using the Dove nutritive solutions shampoo and conditioner, which are moisturizing, I really start to see a difference. My hair looked much smoother and overall more healthy.

Texurizing spray is a recent addition to my hair routine. And it's even better since I chopper half of my hair off. It's a nice way to add grip to the hair and, well, texture. It's that kind of that is not necessary, but always nice to add.

Argan oil is something I've been using for years. I feel like it's the only thing that have been able to keep the frizz at bay, and with good reason, argan oil is amazing. If you haven't read it yet, I have a whole blog post that explain why argan oil is so good for you.

So these are my most used hair products. What are your favorite hair care?

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