DIY colorful hair comb

Hair comb is one of those things that fascinated me when I was a child. I didn't really understand how it worked. Plus Mulan had one in the movie! I had a toy replica of that one, I wonder where it is now...

Now that I'm older and that figured out how it works, I have a couple ones I really like and wear often. But I also had a couple that were just bleh looking. I don't even know were those beige combs come from. So I decided to upgrade them.

What you will need:

It's quite simple. I started by tying the twine around the tooth of the comb. Once it was secure, I warped the twine a few times between each tooth, until it looked opaque enough. I did the same thing until the end of the comb and tied it to secure the twine.

And there it is, a more fun to wear comb that won't just stay on the back of a drawer.

Is hair comb something your wear? Did Mulan hair comb fascinated you as a kid as much as me?

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