My go to summer hair style

I won't pretend for this hair related post to be a tutorial, even if, at first, I wished it to be. But there is no step by step and it's just way too easy to need any.

I've been experimenting a lot with my shorter hair over the last couple of months. One thing I found to work well (that never worked on me before) is the over night breads to create beachy hair. I love it!

This is what I started with for this look. The night before, I did two french braids on each side of my head on slightly damp hair and slept on it. In the morning I unbreaded it and add a little sea salt spray.

I added this floral elastic hair band, making sure to hide it on the back of my head and pinned two front pieces of hair back.

The last thing I did, is braiding small pieces of hair around my face, just to give the look a little more finish and details.

This definitely will be one of my go to hair looks for this summer!

Will you wear something like this over the summer? What are the styles that are working best on your hair?

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