Color Tattoo Obsession

I have to stop myself from buying all the Maybelline color tattoo out there. Plus they always come out with limited editions. At least I'm not obsessed with a $50 line of product, yet.

I don't have an eye shadow primer, because with this, I don't feel like I need any, especially since I bought the creamy beige, which act as a nice base color.

They don't fade awkwardly.
They don't move around.
They don't settle in the crease.
They're basically all I could ask for, and for a pretty low price point.

So here is my color tattoo collection :

From left to right

25 Bad to the Bronze - probably my most used, definitely my all time favorite.

80 Creamy Beige (Leather effect) - my new favorite, perfect for a matte eye or a minimal look.

20 Painted Purple - an intense blue toned purple. Quite patchy compared to the other colors. This one is a color I only bough because I didn't own it.

35 Though as Taupe - the only matte of the basic collection. Remind me a little of concrete.

200 Mossy Green - a nice dark green, between forest a kaki. Eyelook post link

115 Shimmering Sea - limited edition from a couple of summers back. This one is almost holographic.

From left to right

30 Pomegranate Punk - love the name. A really nice, dark autumn color.

70 Barely Branded - a really nice Champlain color, almost cooled tone in some light. Work as a nice highlight color.

90 Nude Compliment - for me this is a mix of bad to the bronze and though as taupe in the color.

85 Beige-ing Beauty - similar in color to barely branded, but more pink tone and as more glitter.

55 Inked Pink - a nice light ink that adds a flirty feel to the eye

I have 11 and I still fight the urge to buy more every time I pass through a maybelline display. To be honest, I thought it would be worst. I was counting them and thinking to myself it wasn't that much, or is it just me justifying my next purchase?

Do you like the maybeline color tattoo? What is your favorite cream eye shadow?

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  1. Oooohh soo prettty! I'm usually not a fan of cream blushes cause I have to get my finger dirty haah. But Inked Pink and Pomengrante Punk are SO pretty!

    Raincouver Beauty

  2. I love these! Everyone seems to love Bad to the Bronze, so I want to get that next. Barely Branded looks really nice too, but is it a super shimmery type of color, or more of a subtle shimmery?

    1. Barely Branded is more on the subtle side. I think it looks more glowy than glittery.