I tried : Evoderma Noome

I tried : Evoderma Noome

I was so exited when I received an E-mail from Evoderma, telling me they wanted me to review their Noome device. It's the first I've been send anything to review on the blog. Needless to say it felt like hitting a big blogging milestone!

Noome is meant to help with aging skin. But they talk about it better than I do, so just let me quote what I think are the most important specifications of this device :
Stimulates skin cell renewal to smooth fine lines and wrinkles
Increases natural production of collagen and elastin
Soothes facial strain to attenuate expression lines
Brightens complexion for a youthful glow
Improves the efficiency of any anti-aging skin care regimen

I'm only 25, so I don't have lots of aging sings showing on my skin. There is a few little fine lines around my eyes, but they say not to use Noome on fine skin, so I'm not taking chances on my eye area!

Therefore, I can't really review it in depth. But the one thing I can say, though, is this is perfect for a pamper evening, when you want to relax, this is perfect! The first time I used it, I couldn't believe how relax my face felt.

I don't think I will be using it every day. But I will definitely once or twice a week, to relax and to prevent aging skin at the same time.

The Noome retail for $89, but if you are interested, the people at Evoderma gave me a code for you to use, so you can have it for $35, shipping included. You can enter the code GENE on the Evoderma Website.

Hope you liked it and I'll see you on Sunday with a new post!

And happy Canada day to any fellow Canadian out there!

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