Summer picks

Summer has already begun and I've been meaning to do some things different makeup wise. To be honest, I don't wear make up most days right now, but I switched my make up bag contain and added more summery products. So when I will eventually wear something on my face, this is what I will use.

So here are my make up picks for this summer.

Warming bronzer
I picked up this Rimmel bronzer while rushing out of a store a few weeks back, because it looked pretty. I mean, look at those gold swirls. When I came back home and I swatted it, I though it was a bit orange. But the next day, I tried it on my skin and I quite like the look of it, used as a bronzer/blush combo. It adds warmth and I definitely looked more bronzed than I actually was.

Sheer pink lips
My lips don't like the sun, if I go outside in the daytime, I (sadly) try to stay away from bold, drying or high maintenance products. A tinted balm is the way to go, plus this one by L'Oréal has SPF.

Blue nails
For some reasons, no colors screams more summer to me than blue. I noticed I was gravitating toward blue polish a lot lately. The Maybelline ColorShow one is a nice color, but is not really long lasting on me. The Essie one though (in Turquoise and Calico), have lasted five full days without any chips, and two more days before I really needed to take it off. That, in my book, is a winner nail polish.

Blue eye liner
In the summer, I always say I will wear blue eyeliner, but never do. I wish this year is going to be different! This Wet and Wild blue eyeliner actually ended up in the trash, because it was completely dried up, but I got a new one, in a pencil form this time, so it will last longer. Okay, tomorrow I will do my make up with blue eyeliner, I have to, now that I added it in my summer picks!

This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed my summer picks.

Please let me know what your favorites make up products for the warmer months!

I'll see you in a few days with a new blog post!


  1. I'm so super pale I'm scared of bronzer!!! :-) coloured eyeliner is great though! It can help to draw a thick line then a thinner liquid black liner over the top so you still get the flattering darkness of the black line but The fun blue line poking over the top! :-D

    1. Bronzer is a hard one to get into!
      Great tip for the liner, definitely going to try it soon!

  2. I agree with the bronzer thing! I opt for matte bronzers now & use it for really makes a huge difference! ELF Cosmetics makes a great matte one, and they also have a really cool new contour palette that also has some matte colors in it.

    1. I've seen picture of that ELF contour palette and I really want to try it!!

  3. I am LOVING that nail color! Essie is my favorite polish brand -- the bottles are just so pretty and it goes on so smoothly! Found your blog through Amber Nicole...thanks for sharing this picks! :)

    1. You're right, the Essie bottles are really pretty, I think they are one of the best on the market!