Lise Watier Teint Lumière Luminous Foundation

I had my make up done a few weeks back, by a Lise Watier make up artist, at my local drugstore. It was $10 paid in advance, but you got a refund when buying a product the day of the event. So obviously, it was more than enough reason for me to spend some money on a new foundation, right?

Plus I wanted to try one of these lightweight formulas that seems to be on trend right now. And it ended up being one of these that she used on me.

I never had my make up done before, and I liked the experience. I'd go back anytime.

But now, to the actual foundation.

It is a really lightweight formula and once it sets, I can barely feel it on my skin. They describe it as “second skin effect”, and it sounds appropriate. It is a really comfortable foundation and even if I though it during the day, I don't feel like it's moving around my face, like some other foundations I tried. Plus it lasts quite a long time. I haven't timed it, but I heard some other blogger saying it was about 7-8 hours, which I don't feel like contradicting.

It is infused with “Diamond Lumière Complex” which is a fancy way to say that it illuminate and reflect light in a nice way. And it has FPS 15, which is always a plus.

The foundation comes in a nice frosted glass bottle that makes it look quite luxurious. It as a dropper that drops the right amount of product to use on your whole face. I usually use two drops, blending the first one, then adding the second one on top to build coverage. It ends up giving a light to medium coverage that evens out the skin, but you can still see some imperfection. This is the kind of coverage I am looking for.

It comes in 8 shades and I have 01, which is the lightest. It is getting too light for me right now, as I'm tanning a little, but it will be perfect back in fall.

Overall, I love this foundation.

Have you tried this Lise Watier foundation?


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