How I got my hair to be naturally straight & hair history

When I was a really young kid, I had curly hair. When I started little school, it had changed into straight. This lasted until high school - and the Avril Lavigne era - when I wanted my hair to be pin straight, so I started straighten it every day. Needless to say it's not exactly good.

My hair got drier (that's what I will find out years later when start to actually treat my hair and not just find quick fixes) and it got curlier. Years of dying it crazy colours did not help either.

Fast forward to university (about 10 years) when I started to accept my wavy-curly hair and not to hear style it every day. That is also when I got into blogs and YouTube videos and that is when I started to treat my hair after realizing it was dry - here read moisturizing. That's also when I started to not wash my hair every day because so many youtubers were talking about it. It was a revelation and even more when I started using dry shampoo - dry shampoo changed my life, or at least my hair life.

It stayed wavy-curly for a while after that, until about a year ago. Cutting my hair started itching me. But I was afraid my hair would get crazy curly. At that time I just had a slight wave in it, I thought it was because it was long and heavy. When I finally decided to cut it in early 2015, I was expecting to wake up the next day with all the curls. It did not happen. I was confused.

Since then, my hair are as straight as it will get. Sometimes I wake up with a slight wave. But that only happens when I haven't moisturize my hair properly.

The main things I use - before styling - is a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (I love the Dove nutritive solutions shampoo and conditioner). I did not think it would do much of a difference, you just put it on and rinse it how much can it do? A lot. I usually wash my hair every 3 days. Then I use an oil after getting out of the shower but to be honest I often forget. And when I can be bothered I do a mask.

Have your hair changed texture over time too?

EDIT: Hey! It is my 100th post and I didn't even realized! Let's bring the balloons and trumpets out and have a party!


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