I am a chips addict

I am addicted to chips. And I am not even making it more dramatic then it is. Okay, maybe just a little...

In the beginning of November I swore off chips for the month. But I was weak. I ended up eating chips on November 1st. (To be fair, my boyfriend was making dinner that night and changed his mind at last minute. We ate nachos.) Then a few days later I bought a bag of chips, and my resolution was definitely over.

And after that, I've been REALLY unreasonable. I've been binge eating chips like no other and a few days ago, I realized I was an addict.

When my boyfriend came back home from work with a bag of chips for himself and none for me, I spotted the blue Ruffle bag right away. But he did not open that bag until later that night.

I spent the night thinking about that bag of delicious salty goodness just a few steps away, waiting for me in the kitchen. Every time he would stand up I would think “he is finally going to open the bag of chips!!!”.

Obviously, trying to completely cut chips off my life was a fail and I need to find solutions to manage this. I am currently surfing the web in search of chips alternatives and I might share my favourites with you after trying some of them.

Do you have any food addiction or am I just a weirdo? Also, what is your favourite chips flavor?

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