ZeroWater Review

I drink a lot. I mean I drink water and tea and whatever, not alcoholic drinks. If I don't drink enough in a day, I just feel like shit. Really. Sometimes I'm wondering why I feel so bad and lifeless and then I look at my Plant Nanny app and realize I only drank 3 cups of water in my day when I should drink 10. And sometimes I'm still thirsty after the 10 drinks.

Even if plain water can be plain and boring sometimes I'm too lazy to make a tea. Don't ask me what makes making tea so hard to do. It's not. But somehow it is. That's one of the great life mystery.

So sometimes I stuff a pitcher with fruits, herbs and/or spices. And I wait. And then I have a whole pitcher of good tasting liquid.

Not that any of this matter. Now, here is the point of this (long overdue - I haven't posted anything in a while).

I received a ZeroWater filtration system back in 2015 and let me just tell you that I was impressed. Like, I was way too exited for a pitcher.

It comes with a thing that will tell you things that are in your water (that's what I figured when I saw it and after reading instruction the things are TDS Meter and for what I can understand it reads dissolved solids percentage, but I'm no expert).

And it also comes with a pour-button at the bottom of the pitcher so you don't have to lift it to fill your glass. How genius is that? That's definitely the part I was the most exited about because for some reason I just love water jars that comes with that thing. I actually have to stop myself from buying any. That's how much I love that.

As I said, really impressed by it. Never though it was possible to be that exited by a water pitcher. My boyfriend didn't understand what was going on.

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  1. I don't enough water too, partner! I love drinking coffee though. I only have the Brita filter which I'm seriously thinking of changing it.