I tried Formula X

I wanted to try the Sephora Formula X for a while. I heard so many good things about it. One of the point that really sold me was people talking about how long it was lasting on their nails and I have a real problem with my nail polish lasting more than a couple of days.

So when I ordered from Sephora at the end of January and needed $5 to have free shipping I ended up buying this $20 kit (quadruple of the amount I needed, oops).

First of all I am really happy with the color I choose. It is Cloud Gray and it is a pale grey-beige color that looks good with everything. I mean, any nude nail color I will be in love with but this one is different than the other 185 I have, obviously. I think it looks chic on my pale hand in the winter and I'm sure it will be stunning with a tan in the summer.

I was really impressed with it as soon as I was done with the application. It was super glossy and contrary to other polish I own the shine actually lasted even after days of wear.

I applied it on a Friday afternoon and it lasted until Wednesday without any noticeable chips. Of course it's a nude and that means I can get away with it when it starts to chip because it won't be as obvious. So I had it on my nails for a total of 7 days and when I took it off half of my nails had no chip at all and were still super glossy.

Overall, I am really, really happy with it and will definitely get my hands on more of the Formula X nail polish. As if I need anymore nail polish but you know how it is.

Did you try the Sephora Formula X nail polishes? What did you think?


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