20 new blog posts ideas

Ever had a written block? I know I did. Sometimes I stop enjoying blogging because I feel like I always do the same thing. When that happens I need to sit down and have a huge brainstorm. But posts like this where other people did the work also helps. It doesn't mean I will do exactly what was written, but I can definitely recycle ideas and make them my own.

So here are 20 new blog posts ideas.
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  1. Nail polish of the month round up. Take pictures of all your nail looks and share them with thoughts on the different formulas.
  2. Favorites jewelry pieces. Share your most worn or special pieces of jewelry. Either make it some sort of look book, or review or anything else.
  3. 5 new skincare you want to try. I don't know about you, but even if I know I should keep somewhat of a steady skincare routine I always want to try new stuff.
  4. The best red lipsticks, bronzer or neutral eye shadow in your collection. Because we all have that one thing we have way too much of and kinda become an expert at.
  5. Share some inspiration from Pinterest.
  6. Do a post about what happened recently in your social medias. Add some Instagram pictures, put some tweets in there. Also, that can be a fun way to self promote.
  7. Talk about something completely different. You like history? Sports? Hiking? Genealogy? Cats? Science? Do something unexpected!
  8. What is on your home walls? Share the artworks you see every day.
  9. You have some special way you organize your cloth? A special storage for the pantry? Or maybe a DIY jewelry organizer? Share some storage and organizations tips!
  10. Share your loved ones best outfits. I definitely want to do that with my cats.
  11. Talk about your city or neighborhood and why you love it. Or hate it, I don't know.
  12. Share the details of your favorite travel or your perfect future travel plans. We all can dream!
  13. Take us on a journey on your personal fashion. Share your style over the years.
  14. What does your perfect home would look like? Don't forget inspirational photos of decor you want to recreate!
  15. Pick up a calendar. There is a themed day for everything. Did you know that October 14th is pickle day? Or that June 10th is iced tea day? Create a post around that.
  16. Share your favorite recipe. Healthy or indulgent, we all love a good eat.
  17. Make a list of new things you want to try or learn.
  18. Try a few Pinterest hacks and review the final results.
  19. Share some love with your favorite posts from other bloggers. I'm not going to tell you to make this part of the list but…
  20. What do you work/study in? How does it change your vision of the world? Or what can you teach us?

My brain tired now from all that brainstorming. See you later and don't forget to let me a link if any of these inspire you!


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