A Relaxing Night

After a long week I love a good warm bath and some time to myself to relax. I'm sure you can relate.

Here are some things I do to make the most of that pampering time. There is more, obviously, but these are just what I used on that particular day.

Bath bomb
I don't exactly know where that bah bomb is from my mom got it for me at some market, so I guess it might be handmade which always feels more like a treat. This one smells like star anise. Like, a lot. The smells lingered around for a while.

Face mask
I want to make the most of the time I have, so deluging my pores is an essential. This Charcoal Mask from Clinique makes a good job at loosing all that gunk so it is really easy to get out afterwards.

Because it's nice to set a mood. I don't have a lot of space so I just light one small candle on the corner of the bath. This is a small size of Spiced Cider by bath and body works.

For some reason I feel like this Zoya Body Oil* is faster to apply than a regular body cream. It sinks in quite fast too which makes it ideal when you want to put your pyjama on as fast as you can to go watch some Netflix.

A Girly Movie on Netflix
I love a good show that makes your brain works a little. But sometimes it's nice to completely shut it down and watch something where you don't have to think.

Some Treats
A bag of chips. Yes. So bad but so good. As much as I try to eat as healthy as I can (and I do often fail at that) sometimes you just need to go for some junk food, right?

What do you do on a Friday night to unwind after a long week of work?


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