May favorites

This is more of a half-of-April-and-May favorite since I didn't post an April favorite post. I didn't have enough things to talk about in April and for good reasons. I had my wisdom teeth removed my face has been swollen for a week and a half and was still sore a while after that. Needless to say I did not use a lot of beauty products. However, May have been better, easier to deal with as far as my face go.

Bio Oil
Bio Oil is a skin saver. After not washing my face for a week and a half, I needed something that would work quickly. In 2-3 days my skin was back to normal. It's more of an April favourite, but it was the only one so I'm throwing it in here.

Epiderma day & night cream
I didn't think too much about these two moisturizer when I first started using it. It was only when I started writing my review that I realized how much my skin was liking it. My skin is not dry and my big black head are shrinking. What more can I ask for? You can read my whole review here.

Magnesium supplement
I read an article about magnesium supplements last month and I realized how much magnesium deficiency symptoms I had. I decided to try it and I can feel that I have so much more energy! From my readings I learned that about 80% of the population has this deficiency. Crazy, right? And magnesium is part of a LOT of chemical reactions happening in our bodies, so it is important. So, I got my boyfriend to try it too and he saw a difference in his energy too!

What has been your favorites products lately? Have you ever tried any supplements? I'd love to know!


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