I Tried Epiderma

I've been seeing Epiderma's publicity for years, so when they contacted me, I was really excited to try their products! To be honest, I didn't even know they were doing skincare, I thought it was only on site treatments. But I was wrong. And I'm happy I was because contrary to lots of skincare I try I did see results!

Here are the two products I tested for a period of approximately a month.

BIO Moisturizing Creme
Reatails at $52

This day cream as a really thick and dense consistency, but yet goes on without leaving any greasy residue on the skin. It also has FPS 30, which is always a plus. Before I started to use this Epiderma moisturizer my skin was super dry, but now, even if using harsher cleanser, I cannot feel any dry patches. At all. Actually my face it probably the only part of my body that isn't dry as hell.

BIO Night Creme
Retails at $45
One thing I always struggle with is blackhead. Especially on my nose. I can manage what's on my cheeks, chin and forehead, but my nose always seem to be out of control. Well, that was the case over a month ago before I started using this Epiderma night cream. I still have large pores and nasty blackheads, but I can definitely say that they appear way smaller than they use to. That makes me so happy to say! Regarding the night cream itself, a little goes a long way with it and it will probably last forever. If I apply too much I can't blend all of it in and end up with a white face, but it's so worth it.

I didn't even realize how amazing these products were before writing this review. You know, when things are just going so well you don't even stop to think about it.

I might even make a statement and say I will probably purchase these two products when they run out. And coming from me it means a lot.


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