5 not so nude neutral nail polishes

There’s not much I love more in nail polishes than neutral tones. I own my fair share of nude shades, but there's more than nudes that can be categorized as neutral.

Here I've picked a few of my favorite, and they will look good with any color of outfit you could be wearing.

A grey

I love a good gray nail for the fall. I think it looks really chic, especially if you add a mat top coat on it. Grey is the ultimate neutral by nature and will really work with anything. This shade is  greige garden (404) by Sally Hansen and it has a purple undertone to it, which makes it even more interesting.

A white

This one might not a shade you expect to see in the winter, but if you think about it, snow is white, so why shouldn't your nails be? Even if it would be the obvious Sumner neutral, I love to use it in the colder months for an unexpected touch. This is sure thing (510) by Revlon gel thing.

A charcoal

A dark, moody color is your best pick to feel warm and cozy when fall and its cold weather comes back. However, a deep burgundy might not look its best depending on what you're wearing (it definitely looks too Christmassy with my forest-green pants. And as much I love Christmas, I'm just not ready yet). So charcoal might be the best dark neutral tone for your nails. The one I choose for this post (An Essie polish, but the name's not on it...) has a slight shimmer to it too, which is usually not my favorite, but for this color I think it works best because it helps making it less dark and serious, if that makes sense..

A terracotta-ish

Okay, so this one might be a bit of a stretch. It definitely has more of a color to it than any of the other polishes I've chosen. It's more saturated than the other ones, but I'd describe it as a toned down red with orange undertones. It is as neutral as a red can get. It would also work just as well for winter or summer. This particular shade is in stitches by Essie.

A gold

A gold nail polish is basically a shimmery nude, right? So if you ever want to get festive, this is the one. There is a lot of variation of golds, this particular shade is penny talk by Essie, so I guess it is more of a copper than an actual gold. I would still categorize it in the gold spectrum though...

What are your favorites neutral nail colors? I’d love to know, even if I really don’t need to be enabled to buy more polish!


  1. Pretty! I love your picks. I agree, white looks very chic! It's hard to find one that's opaque and not streaky though.

    Raincouver Beauty

    1. Oh, really? I don't know it is the first white polish I bought in a long time and it only needs two coats, it's pretty good! :)

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