5 things to do in 2017

New year, new me! That’s what everybody are saying at the beginning of each year, right? And then we all end up dropping our resolutions after a few weeks. Maybe we’re doing it wrong. Maybe we’re not setting the right goals. Let’s just all decide to be happier. At the end of the day, this is what really matter.

I wrote down 5 things I want to do this year that will make me happier. Okay, some of them I started in the last months of 2016, but still. I think all of those are positive things, some small and some bigger, that can really make life better.

There’s also a Free Printable Calendar at the end of the article, if it’s something you’re interested in!


I have so much stuff. My apartment is filled with useless things I don’t even like and I don’t even know why I keep those things. The overflow makes it way harder to keep anything clean and I have to admit that, even if it’s still decent, sometime my apartment cleanliness is not up to my standards. I’ve known for a long time that I had to get rid of a lot of things, but kept pushing the inevitable to later. Late last year I’ve listened to Mari Kondo’s book and even if I did not agree with her on most points, it still inspired me to declutter my home. I started that weekend and got rid of a full trash bag of things I did not need. I was a great first step! But the one thing that kept holding me back is that I have lot of things that are still good and that I’d like to give away to charity BUT I don’t have a car to take it there, which makes things difficult. After a bit of research I found that there is a few organisms in Montreal you can call and they will come pick up your donations. Amazing! Problem solved! So I’m scheduling a whole weekend with my boyfriend later this month where we’ll go through everything and hopefully we’ll eliminate all those things we don’t need.

Get into something new

I’ve been thinking over the last few months about getting into cocktails and building my mini bar. I’m not much of a drinker, but somehow I think mixology looks very chic and interesting. I started buying a few pieces I really like (and I received a rose gold shaker for Christmas. It’s so pretty!) but will take my time to get things I really like. For me, this year, it’s mixology, but it can be learning more about coffee or tea, getting into baking or painting or learn about the french revolution. Finding a new hobby that might turn into a passion this year is a sure way to make those 12 months more interesting.

Banish negative thoughts

“I’m not good enough”, “It looks great, but it’s not for me, I could never do/wear that”. Really? No, I don’t think so. We are all capable of greatness and the faster we understand it the faster we’ll be able to get what we want out of life. I know, it’s a process and total self-confidence can’t just happen overnight. I’m certainly not there yet, but I’m really starting to think “Why not me? I can totally do that” rather than “I could never reach this goal”. The less you think negative the less you’ll feel negative, right? Well, this year, let’s all make a conscious effort to think and act in a positive way. Let’s be nice to one another too. We all deserve to be happy.

Take a break to figure out what you really want in life

Because knowing what you actually want it the best way to get there. It’s the best way to know what to do to achieve it. Life goes by fast and the first thing you’ll know it’s going to be mid-september and you won’t be any closer to that thing you thought about at the beginning of the year. Take some time off, pick up a pen and a sheet of paper. Write down what you want to achieve, your goals and dreams. From there it’s time to make plans to make sure those things really happen.

Just do it

It’s good to write down what you want. But if you never act on it, you end up at the same place you started at. There’s that one project I’ve been thinking about for years. I remember thinking about it back when I first met my boyfriend. We’ve been together for over five years now, and that project never saw the light of day. I was so scared of things not working out that I just didn’t do anything, which, in the end is worse than not succeeding, because you don’t even get experiences out of it. I’m not going to talk too much about that project right now, because you’ll hear all about it next week. That’s right, I finally decided to go for it. I’ve been working on it for the last months and after years of just thinking about it, it’s all going to actually start next week. And you know what? Maybe I will fail. Maybe it won’t be all I thought it would be, but it doesn’t matter, at least I’m trying. (but to be honest, I’m pretty hopeful everything will be fine)

So there it is. The five things I’m confidently saying I will do to make 2017 the best year so far.

What do you think? Any of these you’ll try out, or are already doing?

You can download the Free Printable Calendar over HERE!

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  1. All great goals! You can never go wrong with delving into new things and challenging self-criticism and doubt :) This year I'm trying to re-commit to yoga and reading- two activities that I really love but often didn't prioritize in 2016 :)